Civic Launches New Platform Preventing Bots, Scams And Rug-pulls

The Web3 identity and reputation company Civic is continuing its fight against bots, scams, and rug pulls with the launch of a new tool, uniqueness verification, and a platform called

Civic adds verification platform to battle bots and scams, a platform that enables users to manage their online identity, NFTs, wallet addresses, and reputation from a single location on the blockchain, in addition to uniqueness verification. The set of tools is designed to stop bots from taking unfair advantage of NFT drops by limiting the number of wallets an account can use.

“Uniqueness verification is one part of the suite of products that we have for enterprise, which is called CivicPass,”

JP Bedoya, chief product officer of company, told Decrypt at NFT Expoverse in Los Angeles.

“it is a token that gets issued to a consumer’s wallet that is non-transferable and also non-visible directly via an explorer, that then attests to some form of verification.”

He added

Uniqueness verification, according to company, is a service created to prevent bots from unfairly utilizing NFT drops by limiting the amount of wallets an account can use for the drop. With the intention of preventing bots from gathering the majority of a drop, each user will only be permitted to utilize one wallet.

“That is the place where you will be able to manage your ever-growing NFT collection and all things related to your Web3 identity, profile, and persona,(…). We realized NFTs have become a significant cornerstone of who you are on Web3.”

Bedoya told Decrypt.

The firm launched in 2015 as an open-source identity verification protocol on Ethereum, has made online identity its focus for Web3, offering enterprise and consumer solutions.

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