Cardano Activate Vasil Upgrade On The Mainnet As The ADA Price Prepares To Launch At $1

As the largest proof-of-stake blockchain in the world prepares for its most important upgrade, the Cardano development team released the final node version on the Vasil dev net alongside a new smart contract pre-production environment.

According to the most recent correspondence from InputOutput Global (IOG), the Vasil upgrade could be implemented with the new node version, 1.35.3, assuming everything goes according to plan. IOG stated on Friday that this version would be the one that would initiate the Vasil upgrade on the mainnet, “as long as we do not run into any material new issues.”

In order to allow exchanges, Stake Pool Operators (SPOs), and developers to test against the most recent node version, a new pre-production environment had been created. According to Github statistics, the most recent node offers minor CLI improvements, addresses some serious problems with earlier node versions, and offers full Vasil era functionality.

Charles Hoskinson made a suggestion last week that version 1.35.3 will probably be the candidate for the hardfork and that he doesn’t expect “any further delays unless anything new is uncovered.” Additionally, he defended the network upgrade’s delays by saying that managing the update securely and responsibly was their first priority.

The mainnet update will now be determined by three crucial indications – Cardano

First, 75% of the mainnet blocks must be generated by the final Vasil node contender. Second, about 25 cryptocurrency exchanges that account for 80% of liquidity must upgrade to the node. The top 10 Decentralized Applications (DApps) according to Total Volume Locked (TVL) must confirm they have updated to 1.35.3 on PreProduction and Mainnet, and other important mainnet DApps must as well.

Thus, the release of version 1.35.0 may signal the conclusion of extensive testing that began on July 3 when the IOG team hardforked the Cardano testnet to Vasil Functionality in preparation for the upgrade. According to the most recent data, Vasil might be online before the end of the month, delivering major benefits, even though a soft date has not yet been offered.

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