4 Best New Cryptocurrency to Buy In 2022

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, investors from all over the world are looking to buy the best new cryptocurrency assets in 2022. The sections below provide an in-depth review of the six best cryptocurrencies in Australia and the best new cryptocurrency projects to look at.

Battle Infinity – Top New P2E Platform to invest

For investors to potentially find top cryptocurrencies to invest in, users may want to analyze the digital assets that offer a variety of use cases to the platform. Therefore, we recommend Battle Infinity crypto as the best utility token to buy in 2022. Firstly, Battle Infinity is a decentralized platform that combines Play-to-Earn (pP2E) gaming with the metaverse world. Payers can access Battle Arena – the metaverse of the Battle Infinity ecosystem. Along with P2E characteristics, platform members can earn crypto rewards via IBAT – the native cryptocurrency.


One of the best emerging cryptos, IBAT, sold out its 90-day presale targets in only 24 days. IBAT will be deployed on PancakeSwap – a popular decentralized exchange (DEX), on August 16th. On Battle Infinity, you can participate in the Premier League – the world’s first decentralized sports fantasy league.

IBAT can be purchased and swapped with other cryptos from the IBAT Battle Swap – the native DEX of Battle Infinity. Furthermore, IBAT offers staking opportunities to earn passive income to players. Demonstrating NFT interoperability, the Battle Arena lets users participate in a virtual ecosystem, where players have their unique avatars minted as NFTs using ERC 721 smart contracts.

Battle Infinity offers 6 P2E games, all of which use IBAT tokens as a source of monetary rewards, utility and participation measures. For example, users can participate in the IBAT Premier League – a decentralized NFT-based sports fantasy league by purchasing NFT passes with IBAT. Users must stake IBAT tokens to take part in the games, which actually helps the platform gain liquidity. Portions of staked IBAT funds are deposited in a global liquidity pool – which can be used to swap tokens, distribute rewards and be used as a method to maintain the network.

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Lucky Block – New NFT Cryptocurrency Project to Buy

Lucky Block takes pole position at the top of our utility tokens list. Not only does LBLOCK offer strong investment potential through its business model of a blockchain-based platform, but it also offers token owners a income through regular yields and the best crypto giveaways. Offered on the Binance Smart Chain, each LBLOCK utility token gives the owner a regular chance to win a prize with the Lucky Block platform. Players can participate in weekly main draws, and NFT draws every Friday to try and earn up to $50,000.


To enter, interested users can purchase a minimum of 5 $1 tickets or buy NFTs minted on the Lucky Block platform. LBLOCK, the native cryptocurrency of the ecosystem, acts as the in-game currency and is used to settle transactions and pay platform winners.

Lucky Block was released in January 2022 and instantly rewarded early investors with a 1,100% price increase within two weeks of launch. Furthermore, this cryptocurrency recently increased by 3,000% after its launch on PancakeSwap – the popular DEX. LBLOCK had a hugely-successful pre-sale, with 11,200 BNB (Binance Coin) raised. Currently there are over 50,000 token holders with a LBLOCK market capitalisation of over $90m. Right now, you can get your hands on LBLOCK early via decentralised exchange PancakeSwap (we show you how below).

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Ethereum – Best New Altcoin to Invest

Ethereum is the largest altcoin in the world, with a market cap of $231 billion. This open-sourced blockchain network became one of the first networks to deploy smart contracts. Thus, Ethereum attracts thousands of developers looking to deploy DeFi (decentralized finance) protocols and DApps in their ecosystem. Ethereum is expected to release a network upgrade known as ETH 2.0 in 2022, which will solve scalability and slow transaction speed issues. Should the deployment succeed, investors may see a potential price gain. After reaching an ATH of $4,900, ETH is available to buy for just $1,886 per token in August 2022.

Beside the Ethereum Merge is set for release in mid-September. Holders of Ethereum focused on the Ethereum Merge price, but also the Ethereum Merge NFT impact. Ethereum supports both coins and NFTs. Most of the attention has been drawn to the Ethereum coin upon the release of Ethereum 2.0. However, it leaves in question Ethereum NFTs and other related projects.

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Solana – Highly Scalable Cryptocurrency Project in 2022

Similar to Ethereum, Solana is an open-sourced blockchain network that has deployed smart contracts on its platform. After the popularity of Ethereum, many rival altcoin blockchains emerged by providing cheaper gas fees and high scalable compatibilities. Solana (SOL) has proved to be a big rival to Ethereum due to its high scalability and network speeds. Ethereum manages only 17 transactions per second (TPS) compared to Solana’s 65,000 TPS. SOL, the native cryptocurrency, rose from $0.7 to an ATH of $260 in 2022. Solana is currently trading at $43 per token.

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Above are some suggestions of Coincu not investment advice. Coincu has determined based on many factors that a token has potential in the future. In addition to tokens with large trading volumes, new tokens and small volumes also need attention because they can be the diamonds of the future.

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