CoinCu Announces Strategic Partnership With Mine Arena

CoinCu, the world’s leading application for cryptocurrencies with news and investment knowledge updates 24/7, has announced a strategic partnership relationship with Mine Arena.

CoinCu and Mine Arena have decided to work together to grow and help each other because they share the same vision and understand the mission.

CoinCu always brings to the community the hottest and fastest news and information about the cryptocurrency market. Always update viewers with all the most necessary information and knowledge.

Mine Arena – The ultimate Battle Miner free-to-play NFT Game. Mine Arena aspires to upgrade everyone’s Gaming Experiences and Online Interactions through a gold mining-themed MOBA game with high poly 3D Graphics and excellent Gameplay using Blockchain Technology. 

About CoinCu

CoinCu ecosystem – a multi-faceted ecosystem that includes:

  • CoinCu Media ( An information channel providing constantly updated knowledge and news about the blockchain market, with the CoinCu Youtube channel reaching 4.6 million subscribers, Coincu News Website reaching more than 500,000 monthly visits and is currently one of the most potential global blockchain/crypto news sites today
  • CoinCu Ventures: Venture Capital Fund
  • CoinCu Labs: Potential project development and incubation, which has supported more than 20 blockchain projects.

With the vision to become the leading venture capital fund in the Blockchain field in Southeast Asia within the next 3 years. CoinCu is confident that it can help investors access the most transparent and high-quality information sources about projects that have long-term potential for development in the future.

Coincu Ventures has incubated and supported multi-faceted more than 20 different blockchain projects including Elemon, Pegaxy, Metagear, Orbitau,…

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About Mine Arena

Mine Arena is an NFT Free to Play blockchain game set in a far-away land, where 5 precious resources composing the earth lay: DiamondGoldSilverWood and Iron. These resources are very necessary for life, but they are guarded by vicious monsters. Mine Arena offers a unique blend of Idle mode, fast-paced MOBA action, and traditional Battle Royale to create a one-of-a-kind experience

Mine Arena’s goal is to be the top free-to-play Battle Miner NFT game. Ambitious to serve both crypto-seeking and non-crypto-seeking players. Standing out from the traditional NFT platform, Mine Arena not only brings financial rewards but also brings exciting gameplay experiences to players. Mine Arena combines casual game designs with unique game mechanics to allow users to have more control over in-game assets. Mine Arena allows players to compete with other players, winning crypto tokens and NFTs.

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