While 105 Million Shiba Inu Are Removed, A New SHIB Burn Portal Is Found

There is a new website that burns Shiba Inu, according to the tweet from @shib superstore, the Twitter account for Travis Johnson, the creator of the SHIB burn mobile games.

In the interim, a sizable number of SHIB tokens have been taken out of circulation in the last 24 hours. However, this still feels like a drop in the bucket.

“This website DOES burn Shiba Inu”

The playzone.online website, which is included on the Shib Superstore portal, was referenced by @shib superstore in a tweet. According to Travis Johnson, this website also assists users in burning Shiba Inus.

However, depending on how many visitors have visited the website, the process is set up to generate revenues or burn SHIB. Contrarily, playing mobile games on Travis’s website enables SHIB burning and provides a small fee to game developers.

Travis appears to think that playzone.online could draw non-SHIB owners and possibly pique their interest in the second-largest meme coin and in burning it.

The SHIB army removed 105 million SHIB

The SHIB army has reportedly sent a total of 105,165,658 Shiba tokens to nonspendable wallets, where they will be permanently locked, according to a tweet from the Shibburn Twitter account.

According to the tweet, it just took eight transactions to burn as much cryptocurrency this time.

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