Vietnam Ranks First In Crypto Ownership

Estimates from crypto business solutions firm TripleA show the US leading the way in crypto ownership, with 46 million owners – almost double that of second-placed India. However, in terms of cryptocurrency ownership, the US ranks third, with 13.7%. Meanwhile, Vietnam topped the rankings for this metric, with one in five people — or 20.3% — owning crypto.
Vietnam Ranks First In Crypto Ownership

Twitter account @DocumentingBTC compiled a ranking of the top seven countries and includes a map of cryptocurrency ownership raised from TripleA data. The map shows Asia as the continent with the highest percentage of ownership with 130 million people. Finally is Oceania, with just one million owners in that region.

According to TripleA, cryptocurrency adoption is set to grow on a global basis. Current estimates put the global number of crypto users at 320 million, with an average of 4.2% of the world owning digital assets.

Vietnam Ranks First In Crypto Ownership
Source: TripleA

Ownership demographics show that 63% are male and 37% female, with nearly three-quarters (72%) being 34 years old or younger. The average annual income of crypto owners is $25,000, the researchers say.

The latest data from the World Bank shows that Vietnam’s net national income per capita is $8,784 in 2020. This is down from $9,274 in 2019.

While not an ideal comparison, as the years don’t match and World Bank data are not consistent across all countries, e.g. Eritrea’s contribution is from 2011, the income difference between crypto holders and the whole world is very clear.

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