Tellor Oracle Protocol Was FUD, TRB Token Price Plummeted

Tellor (TRB) is under siege by FUD when the project is said to be pulling investors, and the CEO of the project is being arrested, but is that true?
Tellor Oracle Protocol Was FUD, TRB Token Price Plummeted

On August 30, Tellor (TRB) suddenly plunged from the $36 price zone to just $20.68 in just a few hours, or more than 30%. At the time of writing, TRB is trading at $23.38.

Tellor Oracle Protocol Was FUD, TRB Token Price Plummeted
TRB daily chart. Source: CoinCu

Such a sudden price reaction has caused the investor community to panic. Most speculated that the cause came from the arrest of Tellor CEO Brenda Loya. Although this has not been verified, this information immediately spread quickly.

One part also asserts that TRB is pulling investors, a project based entirely on the inflating process of Market Makers and whales. In fact, trading TRB on many different exchanges faced many liquidity problems.

After nearly 5 hours since TRB started dumping, Tellor CEO Brenda Loya officially corrected that it was all just FUD. Accordingly, she said that during the time of the above incident, the Tellor development team was discussing and working together to prepare for the upcoming upgrade of the platform. The project system did not have any problems, and everyone did not know why the community was talking so “actively.”

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