Breaking: GaliXCity Officially Opened For Sale Box INO Private Round

The GaliXCity project officially opened the sale of INO Private round boxes on September 5. When you own the GaliXCity INO box, you will have the opportunity to receive Land NFTs of great value. Hurry up so you don’t miss this lucky opportunity.

Coming to this event, players have the opportunity to be the first to own an extremely limited NFT box with 3 versions: Gold, Platinum and Diamond. From there, receive valuable items and resources, “a step into the cloud”, become the ruler of the GaliX universe.

Commanders with GaliXTickets will get access to the Private Round NOW to get their hands on the earliest exclusive mystery BOXes from GaliXCity.

Starting at: 10:10 AM UTC+7 September 05 and will only be available for 12 hours.

Visit this link to buy now:


1/ Gold Box

  • Each Gold Box will contain a random Hero NFT from C to SSS
  • Owning a Gold Box means having a chance to own Land NFT from level 1 to level 5
  • Only 900 Gold Boxes are sold (limited quantity)

BOX PRICE: Only $64 when owning GaliXTicket

2/ Platinum Box

  • Chance to get a rarer Hero NFT from B to SSS
  • High probability of opening Land NFT from level 1 to level 5
  • There are only 400 Boxes for you to own, scarcer than Gold Box

BOX PRICE: Only 150$ when owning GaliXTicket

3/ Diamond Box

  • Contains only the most advanced NFT Heroes from A to SSS
  • Probability of Land NFT from level 2 to level 6 (level 6 is only available in Diamond Box)
  • Extremely rare for only 200 Boxes, the most advanced type of box in the GaliX universe.

BOX PRICE: $480 when owning GaliXTicket


  • When owning GaliXCity’s INO box, you will have the opportunity to receive Land NFTs of great value. So what kind of property are Land NFTs?
  • The amount of land is extremely scarce when the entire GaliX universe has only 7744 pieces of land (88 * 88) – an extremely limited number for the respective levels. This amount of land will be unlocked gradually over time for players to buy.
  • The closer to the center of the GaliX universe, the higher the quantity and quality of these resources will be.

Players who own NFTs Land are like real estate investors, because of the benefits that NFTs Land can provide:

  • Increase profit when higher land level can generate more resources => attract a lot of alliances.
  • The surge income as land owner will receive daily revenue from NFT resource generated on their land.
  • The higher the Earth level, the higher level Hero NFT will appear, the frequency is also more frequent.

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