Aave V3 Retroactive Funding Proposal Has Been Approved

Aave Protocol tweeted that the idea to provide retroactive financing of $16.28M to Aave company members as compensation for the creation of Aave V3 has been approved.
Aave V3 Retroactive Funding Proposal Has Been Approved

The decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that powers the decentralized finance (DeFi) network Aave has agreed to grant a retroactive payment of $16.28 million to Aave Companies members in appreciation of their contributions to the creation of Aave V3.

Some crypto-whales took notice of the release of this change, which had an impact on the crypto-community. In fact, according to a tweet by WhaleStats, AAVE is once again among the top 10 tokens purchased in the last 24 hours by the 100 largest BSC whales.

AAVE has, interestingly, not only attracted attention among the whale community; it has also been creating waves on social media. The altcoin’s social mentions have increased by 12.5% over the past week, which is encouraging for AAVE.

Aave V3 Retroactive Funding Proposal Has Been Approved
AAVE daily chart. Source: CoinCu

However, starting last week, AAVE has struggled to do well in other parts of social media, particularly the social dominance aspect. The social dominance of AAVE has been quite low since its peak on September 6, and there hasn’t been much buzz about the token in recent days.

Aave V3 Retroactive Funding Proposal Has Been Approved
Source: Santiment

Even while AAVE has a lot going for it, its future still appears hazy. As a result, it is suggested that readers conduct a study before entering this trade.

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