GitHub Has Lifted Its Bans, Tornado Cash Is Back

GitHub has rescinded its ban for Tornado Cash after the Treasury’s confirmation that the sanctions just apply for coin mixer Ethereum instead of code.

Tornado Cash was on the blacklist last month by OFAC (The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control because of criminals of launder money. This resulted in the sanction for American citizens not using with the app to send and receive ETH anonymously.

After that, GitHub – a platform that allows sharing code – removed Tornado Cash’s codes just after one hour of the sanction. Today, Tornado Cash’s codes is back on GitHub Website, so that Ethereum Developers could process and share these codes.

However, some coders discovered that Tornado Cash’s codes are not totally working as normal.

Preston Van Loon – an Ethereum Coder – has tweeted that:

It looks like everything is in “read only” mode, but that is progress from an outright ban.

He previously showed his concerns about this sanctions announcement: “Code is speech and free speech is a constitutional right worth protecting.” along with the desire that Github should unban all of Tornado Cash’s code repositories

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