MEVbots Scamming – Alert From PeckShield

PeckShiled has announced that they found one scamming address named MEVbots using an arbitrage trading bot to withdraw users’ Ethereum funds.

MEVbots has been claimed as the stealing backdoor after many users found that their Ethereum Funds has been stolen illegally from an arbitrage bot.

MEV is promoted on many social channels as a way of non-stress passive income for users. By using the automatic arbitrage bot, users will gain more profit without any effort.

This scam was first reported by a Twitter account named @monkwithchaos. Then PeckShield Inc twitted on its official page to confirm this issue and also revealed the MEVbots Twitter account.

At the time of this writing, the Twitter account @chemzyeth has been blocked. This image is Google Cache to show its promotion of this scamming.

From the investigation, PeckShiled found that at least 6 victims of this scam.

This announcement from PeckShield informed that at least 13.000 followers still be at risk of this issue.

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