Lark Davis Denies Allegations Of Earning $1.2 Million From Deception Of Followers

Lark Davis officially denied all accusations from ZachXBT that this KOL deceived his followers to profit from “low-cap projects”. Davis says there’s “nothing wrong” as he doesn’t sell enough to “dump”, which he also shares many times with his followers.

As mentioned in an earlier Coincu News article, The Twitter account ZachXBT has stated that KOL Lark Davis gained a profit of $1.2 million by promoting low-cap projects and then dumping them for his unsuspecting followers.

Soon after, this KOL also quickly posted a series of tweets to explain to fans and deny ZachXBT’s allegations. In it, Lark Davis calls Zach’s allegations “ridiculous” and responds to each of the examples Zach alleges he’s profiteering.

Davis claimed he received nothing for free from the projects it’s alleged he profited from, and the amounts he sold weren’t enough to “dump the price”. Davis tweeted to his over one million followers, adding his token sale investments are “always disclosed” on his YouTube channel of 485,000 subscribers and shared with his followers “well before the launch“.

Besides, he also said that he often shares this concept with his followers and gives the opinion “What you choose to do with my opinions is completely up to you”.

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