Cerulli Research: More And More Countries Are Interested In Crypto

According to Cerulli – a Boston-based research company – around 55% of wealthy families in Hong Kong and Singapore are interested in the crypto industry and want to adopt more of its development into their operations.

The research also shows that more and more Generation Z and Millennials actively engage in crypto more than other financial activities, such as mutual funds, stock trading, and ETFs.

As much as 55% of family offices in these two hubs indicate interest in increasing exposure to crypto over the next two years, Cerulli’s research shows.

“Crypto funds offer an important asset-gathering opportunity for managers,” said Ken Yap, Managing Director at Cerulli “For investors, the growing number of mutual funds and ETFs coming to market help to widen product choices or even legitimize crypto investing by providing arguably safer routes to accessing this asset class, compared to direct crypto investing.”

As much as 50% of family offices in two countries, Hong Kong and Singapore have shown their attention to the crypto industry due to its definite supply of long-term wealth. This reality makes forces lawmakers to consider institutional adoption for equipping more basic infrastructure for the crypto industry’s development.

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Cerulli Research: More And More Countries Are Interested In Crypto
Cerulli Research: More And More Countries Are Interested In Crypto 2

Even though there are more investments in emerging industries, there are still many regulatory barriers. For instance, Korea still does not permit the launching of crypto ETFs in the country. Singapore has set up warmer policies related to crypto, but it still lacks needed support as other countries like Australia in the form of crypto ETF listings.

In Cerulli’s report, many countries still consider applying crypto as a means of payment. The concerns are that the bitcoin blockchain and other cryptocurrencies are definitely independent, so the industry would not be put in the regulatory pipeline like stocks.

Despite the lack of official regulation, the interest in crypto is increasing in wealthy family offices around the world in a particular niche: keeping long-lasting wealth.

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