Brian Armstrong Announces Coinbase Exchange Documentary

In a flurry of tweets on October 4, Coinbase co-founder and CEO Brian Armstrong revealed that a crypto-centric documentary recording his experience of developing a digital firm from the bottom up will be available this Friday on Amazon Prime, iTunes, YouTube, and other streaming platforms.
Brian Armstrong Announces Coinbase Exchange Documentary

Coin: A Founder’s Story aims to draw back the curtain and show people what it’s truly like to start a tech firm from the bottom up, as well as to inspire those who want to do the same.

According to Brian Armstrong, documentary director Greg Kohs and his team got access to Armstrong’s firm and documented the company’s wild ups and downs over the previous three years.

Armstrong stated:

“I agreed to do this documentary because I wanted to demystify what it takes to build a tech startup and encourage more people to start companies. I also wanted to demystify crypto.”

The CEO also stated that he intends to demonstrate that tech entrepreneurs are simply normal people trying to produce a product that people want and that everyone involved in crypto it can help create a more fair, and global financial system. A trailer was also introduced by Coinbase on Youtube.

The CEO encouraged everyone, especially politicians, to watch the video because he feels it will assist promote the cause of cryptocurrencies and illustrate the motives of many hardworking individuals driving the sector forward.

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