Price Forecast For Luna Crypto For October 2022

This past September, the price of Terra’s LUNA token reached a high of $6.7385, marking the greatest price peak since June. Since Binance has finished burning its first “Luna Classic” burn of fees, the Luna Crypto coin has gained momentum.

October may witness fascinating price changes for the coin due to all the media coverage of the Terra and Luna tax burn. Here is our forecast for Terra in October.

Luna crypto price prediction

As of right now, $2.55 is Terra’s price as reported by CoinCu. In the past 24 hours, Terra has increased by 2.73%.

ChangellyBlog’s cryptocurrency analysts predict that the typical Terra’s rate will fluctuate around $2.62974. The cryptocurrency has been leveling down since mid-September after experiencing a price spike in the $2.53 zone.

This month, Changelly forecasts a marginal increase in the price of Terra, with a maximum of $2.70973 and a low of $2.37976. It’s difficult to forecast a significant increase or decrease in Terra’s this month, thus it’s fair to assume that this prognosis is correct.

Since co-founder Do Kwon fled from the law, Terra’s stock price has dropped significantly. The corporation has been embroiled in a number of disputes, which have affected the value of its native Luna token.

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