Todd McFarlane Toys Subsidiary Enters The World Of Digital Collectibles

Famous comic book creator Todd McFarlane established McFarlane Toys as a division of his media production company, and today it unveiled a new line of digital collectibles based on McFarlane’s well-known Spawn series.

On December 1, 2022, the McFarlane Toys Digital collection debuts.

“For 30 years, McFarlane Toys has led in high-quality, design-driven collectibles for some of the world’s biggest brands,” McFarlane Toy tweeted. “Today we expand that legacy with McFarlane Toys Digital, the first AAA digital collectibles platform.”

McFarlane Toys, which was established in 1994, produces action figures based on popular media such as video games, comic books, and movies. Supernoobs, Warhammer, Mortal Kombat, The Princess Bride, and Avatar: The Last Airbender are among the projects.

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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are cryptographically distinct tokens that are tied to physical and digital assets and serve as evidence of ownership for things like artwork, digital treasures, music, and game items.

The new collection will be minted on Polygon and sold through the Rarible NFT Marketplace.

“You own your collectibles, and keep them in your digital wallet,” McFarlene Toys said:

“Buy, sell, and trade them on the McFarlane Toys Digital marketplace powered by Rarible, and any other Polygon supported marketplace.”

Each digital collectable will be based on or packaged with McFarlane Toys

Each digital collectable, according to McFarlane Toys, will be based on or packaged with a McFarlane Toys physical collectible. The firm says its objective is to equal the quality and detail of its physical pieces at a similar pricing point.

According to the firm, collectors may develop and share their collections using a desktop computer viewing program that allows them to view their valuables. Each time a collector makes use of the program, they accumulate experience points that they may exchange for privileged benefits, uncommon collectibles, and access to upcoming drops.

According to the Twitter thread, anyone who pays over $100 in November using a certain promo code at the official McFarlene Toys website will receive a random limited edition Spawn launch collectible featuring Spawn, Redeemer, or Clown.

NFTs and digital collectibles are nothing new to McFarlane; just last year, he collaborated with singer and fellow digital artist Steve Aoki to develop OddKey, a Solana NFT Marketplace geared toward creators.

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