Team Finance Hacker Returned $13.4 Million Stolen To The Project

Team Finance hacker was found to have refunded $14.3 million on top of $14.5 million that was stolen last week.

According to an announcement by security company PeckShieldAlert, the hacker group that attacked the vulnerability in the Defi key and cryptographic platform Team Finance has returned $13.4 million to the platform.

Looks like the cryptocurrency has been returned to Team Finance. The hacker returned 548.7 ETH to FEG, 765,000 DAI and 11.8 million TSUKA to Tsuka, 5 million DAI and 746,000 CAW to CAW, and 209 ETH to KNDX.

Last week, the DeFi financial key protocol Team Finance said that over $14.5 million in tokens were mined through the Uniswap v2 to v3 migration function on the platform.

According to reports, hackers unbelievably upgraded WTH, CAW, USDC, TSUKA tokens from Uniswap v2 assets on Team Finance to an attacker-controlled v3 pair with misleading valuation. By locking the tokens into the contract, the attacker bypassed the existing validation mechanisms and pocketed the huge excess as a return for the profit.

Immediately after the project’s development team halted the protocol to fix the bug and contacted the hacker to get the stolen funds back, the hacker would receive a bug bounty.

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