Completed The Third 100% Margin Audit In Cooperation With Armanino LLP

Following the FTX and Alameda incidents, announced the completion of the third 100% margin audit in collaboration with Armanino LLP, an American audit company. Completed The Third 100% Margin Audit In Cooperation With Armanino LLP

Margin Proof of 100% is an impartial third-party business that will audit the Proof of Margin. The main goal of the audit is to ensure that the total assets maintained by the exchange match the user’s book balance.

In general, the platform will offer a 100% margin for tokens if the total quantity of tokens held and effectively managed by the exchange on the blockchain is more than or equal to the entire amount of tokens held by all platform users.

The exchange stated:

“There are more than 1400 types of tokens on, each of which have been verified and audited by the aforementioned auditing institute. Since the transfer of assets would involve the cold wallets and hot wallets that include numerous addresses, the audit must be done in an absolutely safe environment. To avoid safety obstacles and misoperation, we provide users with 100% proof of margin through an annual audit.” Completed The Third 100% Margin Audit In Cooperation With Armanino LLP

Asset management has always been the most crucial aspect of digital asset trading for users. Before engaging in digital asset trading, all users should assess if the exchange can handle user assets fairly, openly, and safely., the world’s first trading platform dedicated to providing 100% margin, collaborates closely with Armanino LLP, a well-known American audit firm, to provide users with professional and dependable asset validation services in the form of open-source, open, transparent, blockchain signature, and Merkel Tree.

The exchange has just finished the third 100% margin audit. The results of the asset audit may be viewed on the Armanino official website.

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