Global Gaming Company NCSOFT Partners With Mysten Labs

A corporate announcement states that South Korean game giant NCSOFT and blockchain startup Mysten Labs have partnered strategically.
Global Gaming Company NCSOFT Partners With Mysten Labs

As part of the collaboration, NCSOFT gave $15 million to Mysten Labs$300 million Series B investment, which was previously reported and valued the business at over $2 billion. Franklin Templeton, Binance Labs, FTX Ventures, and Jump Crypto were other backers.

Dr. Songyee Yoon, President and Chief Strategy Officer of NCSOFT, stated:

“Blockchain technology has the potential to create novel and innovative player experiences. We are excited to partner with Mysten, who shares our vision for the technology as a platform for truly distributed player centric economy, passion for community building, and trustworthy technology which is crucial for those who desire to build a platform of desired scale and reach.”

In order to produce compelling gaming experiences, the Sui blockchain developer will collaborate with a game development firm. Popular massively multiplayer online games like Lineage and Guild Wars were created by NCSOFT.

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