Digital Surge Suspended Deposits And Withdrawals Due To The Impact Of FTX

Digital Surge, appears on the list of crypto exchanges affected by the regulation of FTX Australia. All customer deposits and withdrawals have been suspended until further notice.
Digital Surge

According to Yahoo Finance, Digital Surge, a cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, has announced on its official website the suspension of customer deposits and withdrawals.

Affected by the regulation of FTX Australia, Digital Surge is unable to operate normally and has suspended all deposits. Withdrawal will be announced later. The notice said it expected to provide further notice of the situation within 14 days.


In an email to customers, Digital Surge said it “limits its exposure to FTX” and is “working hard to understand what is going on in relation to users”.

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According to previous news, although FTX Australia is not on the list of FTX Group filing for bankruptcy, the Australian regulator has announced the suspension of FTX Australia’s financial services license until May 15 of the following year.

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