Top 11 Wax GameFi Project In Development Phase is a leading blockchain network that successfully facilitates the transaction of millions of NFTs. It provides a scalable, eco-friendly, decentralized ecosystem for NFT projects and games. Let’s see Wax GameFi Project In Development Phase

Cosmos Eleven Game – Experience the life of a football manager


Cosmos Eleven Game is the first-ever NFT Play to Earn Football Manager Game. A football team consists of 11 players, a coach, medics, and tactics. Users have full control over their personal setup and can change everything to their liking. Cosmos11 strives to be the number one play-to-earn game in the WAX ecosystem

Music Mogul – Game about building and running a musical empire


Music Mogul is the ultimate music tycoon play-and-earn (P&E) game where you can build your own record label, hire new talent and grow your own music empire.

The game will feature all-new mechanics never before seen in a play-and-earn game requiring real strategizing and decision-making by players hourly, daily and weekly. Play-and-earn (P&E) games give you the power to earn varying rewards, including tokens or currencies that can be used for specific in-game purposes. 

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Afterland – Real AA game that we have been developing for 2 years in France


Afterland is a multiplayer first-person shooter with stylized graphics. To earn tokens, several gameplay options will be available to you: The game will be playable totally free to play with a scholarship system.

Citystates Medieval – Building a fully player driven game economy on blockchain.


CityStates is a strategy, city-building, and resource management MMO in development where all in-game assets (like Wood, Stone, Food, Weapons, Armor, etc) are also issued as assets on a public ledger (blockchain). Players can trade what they gather and craft in the game with other players, creating the first real player-driven economy by demand and supply. The CSM token represents the game and CityState’s intellectual property. Holders of the token will be able to participate in governance decisions and receive payments from the profit generated by its IP.

Goals – New multiplayer football play-to-earn game building on blockchain


GOALS is a gameplay-first football game. Free to play, cross-play, multiplayer-focused, and esports ready. Own your assets and trade them freely.

GOALS is a multiplayer football game that will utilise a play-to-earn model through NFT rewards. The game is positioning itself as an alternative to the game series FIFA by Electronic Arts. 

DeepMine – Play-And-Earn social economy strategy in expanding Sci-Fi metaverse


DeepMine is a unique Play-and-Earn social economy strategy in the expanding Sci-Fi metaverse. Its sophisticated and well-balanced economic system creates an immersive experience and sustainable long-term ROI.

The main activity is using mines and mining equipment to get DME, which is the game’s own currency and which is used to provide power to the world and to build a portal inside Eleazar’s core. For the process to work as well as possible, all of the players, like the DAO and political parties, need to work together.

Breeders – Multi-utility NFT Cards – Collect / Stake / Play / Earn


Breeders is a space strategy game where users can play games, buy items, mine coins, interact with other players, and participate in battle teams and events.

Using innovative tokenomics, finance, and gaming, have developed a community-driven platform where anyone can play for free or invest in NFTs items to increase their chances of winning. Created a unique Free-to-Play, Play-to-Earn, and Multi-utility NFT Card Ecosystem.

Worldcrash – Game – PlayToEarn


Worldcrash is a WAX blockchain-based P2E game where you can immerse in a post-apocalyptic world. Your goal is to survive with other players in underground shelters. Exchange resources with other players, keep an eye on your settlement, and explore the world.

Captain Honey Game – Economical simulator game 


Captain Honey is a P2E blockchain Economical Simulator Indie game playable in a web-browser using WAX blockchain Smart Contracts with future expansion to other blockchain networks.

Captain Honey creates a fantasy universe to experience a whole set of economic simulation gaming including building, crafting, farming, adventuring, and metaverse discovering. Become the real leader of your future pirate empire. Especially, by gamifying modern blockchain mechanisms, Captain Honey will bring players a new dimension of mixed entertainment and earning.

Shadow Ages – Turn-based NFT card game


Shadow Ages contains a world map and castle construction. The amazing part of the game is that it provides you with a turn-based principle (TBS technology), that works perfectly for a player who is almost new or not experienced enough to play fight games. The person who loves to play strategy-based games will enjoy the unique technologies of Shadow Ages, offering different strategies including MMO, PVE, and PVP.

Nerdworldwar – Wax Play To Earn Game


Nerd-Worldwar focus to be a decentralized game utilizing wax blockchain. Nerd-Worldwar has a “play-to-earn” feature, where players will be rewarded with NWW tokens. Create your own Farm, Troops, Nukes, and Weapons and participate in the expedition and earn more NWW Tokens.


WAX is a leading blockchain network that successfully facilitates the transaction of millions of NFTs. It provides a scalable, eco-friendly, decentralized ecosystem for NFT projects, dapps, and games. WAX strives to offer the safest and most user-friendly way for users to create, buy, sell and trade crypto assets.

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