Huobi Launches Refreshed Brand, Unveils Post-acquisition Global Expansion Roadmap

Huobi Launches Refreshed Brand, Unveils Post-acquisition Global Expansion Roadmap

Huobi, one of the world’s leading virtual assets exchanges, today launched its refreshed branding strategy, where it will be known simply as “Huobi” instead of “Huobi Global.” It also unveiled its global expansion roadmap for the first time after its acquisition by About Capital last month, which will follow a more globalized approach to operations. 

The new name consists of two Chinese characters, “火” and “必.” The first one represents perpetual vitality and passes this same vitality through future generations in Chinese culture. The second one means a determination to win, which represents its ambition to return to the top 3 exchanges of the industry.

In Chinese, the character “必” can also be seen as an amalgamation of the characters “心” and “义,” which mean “heart” and “righteousness,” respectively. The symbolism behind the two Chinese characters means the new Huobi will serve from its heart in providing professional digital asset management services to global users. This is also reflected in its mission – “Enhancing Asset Safety, Promoting Financial Inclusion.”

Huobi Launches Refreshed Brand, Unveils Post-acquisition Global Expansion Roadmap
Justin Sun Talks About The Meaning Of The Letters In “Houbi”

Meanwhile, the new name also upholds the traditional Chinese virtue of “righteousness,” implements the brand’s philosophy of “Science and Technology for Good,” contributes to the innovation and development of global blockchain and virtual asset technology, and realizes Huobi’s vision of “Technology Changes the World.”

His Excellency Justin Sun, Huobi’s global advisory board member and Ambassador of Grenada to the WTO, said:

“In the nine years since it was founded, Huobi has become a household name in the virtual assets market as one of the most established players.”

“Beyond a virtual assets trading platform, Huobi also stands for safety, convenience, and friendliness, which the shortened name will more fully represent. With its refreshed branding, new roadmap, and the guidance of its global advisory board, I am confident that Huobi can strengthen its market leadership and reclaim its top rankings alongside other industry heavyweights,” he added.

Huobi Launches Refreshed Brand, Unveils Post-acquisition Global Expansion Roadmap
Huobi’s global development strategy

After the brand refresh, Huobi will work to strengthen its brand and give full play to the important strategic attributes of HT. With the latter at the heart of its business strategy, Huobi will continue to explore high-quality projects in the market through HT voting for listings. 

The company will also focus on creating cutting-edge assets and supporting assets with strong market potential, as well as empowering communities built on projects. In keeping with the spirit of using science and technology for good, Huobi will strive to build a safer and more stable environment for users to participate in early-stage quality projects. 

As part of its global expansion, Huobi will establish a presence in the Caribbean region, which is well-positioned as a virtual assets hub with its welcoming regulatory stance, common law systems, and use of the English language. 

Huobi Launches Refreshed Brand, Unveils Post-acquisition Global Expansion Roadmap

Huobi will also ramp up its investments in Southeast Asia, Europe, and other regions, which offer strong growth potential for its user base. To increase its scale in step with its expansion, Huobi will explore pursuing strategic mergers and acquisitions. It will also focus on recruiting world-class talents in blockchain and virtual assets. 

In terms of compliance, Huobi will continue to abide by regulatory policies wherever it operates, stepping up cooperation with other countries and building a compliant operating model for doing business globally. 

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