SEC Chair’s Crypto Monitoring Plan Is Under Scrutiny As Ecosystems Collapse

SEC – The efficiency of crypto legislation in the United States is in doubt due to the massive collapse of key exchanges and ecosystems over the past year, including FTX, Celsius, Voyager, and Terra. Regulations are frequently intended to safeguard citizens from criminal actors.
SEC Chair's Crypto Monitoring Plan Is Under Scrutiny As Ecosystems Collapse

Congressman Tom Emmer expressed dissatisfaction with Gary Gensler’s approach to the crypto ecosystem’s regulation. Gensler is the chair of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Emmer has been outspoken in his criticism of Gensler’s “arbitrary and inconsistent approach” to crypto monitoring. On March 16, the Congressman disclosed receiving approaches from multiple blockchain and cryptocurrency companies that thought Gensler’s reporting requirements were onerous and stifled innovation.

Congressman Emmer has previously requested that the SEC abide by the requirements outlined in the Administrative Reduction Act of 1980, which was created to lessen the overall paperwork load that the federal government places on individuals and private companies.

On an end note, Emmer said that: “Congress shouldn’t have to learn the details about the SEC’s oversight agenda through planted stories in progressive publications,” adding that he was looking forward to Gensler’s public testimony before the Financial Services Committee.

The first official DAO in the United States, American CryptoFed DAO, started a legal dispute with the SEC regarding 2021 token registrations and decided not to use attorneys in its quest for registration.

Additionally, American CryptoFed stated that it intended to submit a motion to extend the due date for its response to the SEC’s Order Initiating Administrative Proceedings.

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