StarkNet Mainnet Alpha Has Been Upgraded To V0.10.2

StarkNet, an Ethereum expansion program, announced the update of its Mainnet alpha to v0.10.2 and the announcement of a performance plan.
StarkNet Mainnet Alpha Has Been Upgraded To V0.10.2

StarkNet Alpha 0.10.2 includes certain steps from the roadmap, according to the company. The future performance roadmap includes sequencer parallelization, a new Rust version of Cairo-VM, and a reimplementation of the sequencer in Rust, all of which aim to prepare for higher TPS.

Lifting the block constraints (in terms of gas/size) while keeping the block time constant could be one strategy to improve blockchain scalability and TPS. This would necessitate greater effort on the part of the block producers (validators on L1, sequencers on L2), necessitating a more efficient implementation of those components.

StarkNet Mainnet Alpha Has Been Upgraded To V0.10.2

Validity rollups do not have the same throughput constraints as L1s. This could result in significantly greater TPS on L2 validity rollups.

The StarkNet performance roadmap focuses on a critical component of the system: the sequencer.

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