The Victims Of AAX Taiwan Alone Are More Than 1000 People, Losses Amounted To $100 Million

Millions of AAX users are outraged by the ponzi scheme that was hatched from the start. According to reports from users, about 1000 people have now become victims with a total loss of up to $100 million.

As mentioned in an earlier Coincu News article, the company stated that the system needs to be maintained for two hours from November 13, 2022 and then it will take 7 to 10 days for the exchange to get the exchange back up and running. The reason given did not mention that they were affected by the collapse of the FTX empire, but only stated the reason for the failure of the third service provider.

Users’ doubts began to surface when saying that the company was having difficulty in operation and needed to find new investors. It’s been 14 days since today and AAX still hasn’t updated. After that, even the official Facebook and Youtube are deleted and the customer service address is also invalid. This is clearly a case of planned fraud and it has delayed time with users.

Now, even AAX’s head of public relations, Ben Caselin, has resigned and no one at AAX has updated his work.

Starting November 27, the relevant internal documents and domains were deleted, and the employees were told they would declare bankruptcy at the end of the month and abscond with the money.

The number of victims in Taiwan alone is at least more than 1,000 people and the amount of damage has reached $100 million. It was a case of international fraud. Currently, the victims have sought legal channels, but the detection of international cases requires the assistance of the Bureau of Investigation to avoid absconding and leave the country.

Those who need to be held responsible are currently uncontactable, users are sure that these plans were designed from the beginning and they took the money to run away.


However, the user notifications seem to have difficulty getting the domestic legal authorities to take over the case. Because at this stage it is not possible to prove that anyone has committed a crime in Hong Kong.


  1. The real holder of AAX ATOM who holds the key Victor Su, Su Weiyi
    ID: M705855
    The Chinese have been on both sides of the strait for a long time.
  2. Digifinex COO, the major shareholder behind AAX Kiana Shek, Shi Leqi
    Hong Kong Residence Permit ID: B068539
    Born on December 23, 1988
    Chinese, long-term stay in Hong Kong/Dubai
    IG: kiana_1223, kiana_incrypto
  3. Cooper Leung (LinkedIn) CFO of AAX, co-manager with Su Weiyi
    The two have a close friendship and run the company together.
    General Director of Vico Capital
    Vico, formerly known as Atom, changed its name in 2018.
    ATOM is the parent company of AAX and the company of Su Weiyi.
  4. Jen Lin, Hsiang-Han, Lin (
    Senior Executive Director in Taiwan, responsible for Taiwan community management
    Yuan Ze University Faculty of State Enterprises Class of 2018
    1995/12/05 Born in Yangmei, Taiwan, lived in Beijing
    Previously worked for AscendEx and stayed in Beijing for 3 years.
    YouTube Channel: MetaJen (
    There was an introductory video about AAX, which has since been removed. It does not disclose risks and beautifies the platform.

This story is still in progress, our team is gathering more pieces of evidence. Please stick with us for more details.

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