Optimism Sponsor 10 Million OP Tokens For Projects In RetroPGF 2

Ethereum Layer 2 Scaling Project, Optimism decided to distribute 10 million OP tokens to projects in RetroPGF 2 in early 2023. Sponsored tokens will be used to fund public goods add.

According to the official announcement of Optimism has announced the second round of retroactive public goods funding (RetroPGF 2). RetroPGF 2 will be distributed 10 million OP tokens in January 2023. The coins are used to fund public products that support the development and use of the OP Stack. Optimism will also introduce a first-generation “Citizen House” to manage the distribution of capital.

Anyone can nominate projects or individuals for funding on the Optimistic Governance Forum from January 3 to 17, 2023. To be eligible for the grant, projects or individuals are Nominees must complete a project brief in the Gitcoin Funding Center between January 3 and 24.

RetroPGF 2 badge holders will vote on how to allocate funds to the project. Voting will take place from January 31 to February 10.


Voting Badge for RetroPGF 2 will be distributed to 90 community members: Each RetroPGF 1 holder will receive a RetroPGF 2 badge and Optimism Token House will select ten badge holders and ultimately, the organization will Donations to community members distribute 21 badges.

RetroPGF 2 is the second instance of Optimism’s ongoing funding experiments. In January 2023, RetroPGF 2 will distribute 10 million OP tokens to fund public goods that support development and usage of the OP Stack.

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