China Metavese Received 14.7% Total Global Investment With 4 Unicorn Projects

Key Points:

  • China Metavese received 14.7% (over $1.8 billion) of the industry’s total global investment.
  • 125 projects have received investment capital.
  • The 4 unicorns in the Metaverse industry include Animaoca Brands, Xiaoice, Soul and Mofa Technology.
China Metavese Received 14.7% Total Global Investment With 4 Unicorn Projects

China Metavese Received Over 1.8 Billion Dollars of Investment

On December 28, according to the “Global Metaverse Investment and Financial Report 2022” released by Financial Associated Press Venture Capital and IT Juzi said that in 2022, a total of 704 fundings have occurred in the global metaverse industry, with a total of 86.867 billion yuan (about $12.5 billion)

Among them, China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) completed 125 projects, with a total funding of 12.782 billion yuan (over $1.8 billion), and 4 industry unicorns were born.

In terms of numbers, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Hong Kong became the five regions with the largest number of grants. Of which, Beijing completed 36 cases, Shanghai completed 19 cases, Guangdong and Zhejiang completed 16 cases and Hong Kong completed 10 cases.

In terms of total financing, Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai and Zhejiang are the top five donor regions. Among them, 4.289 billion yuan was raised in Hong Kong, 2.810 billion yuan in Beijing, 2.025 billion yuan in Guangdong, 1.561 billion yuan in Shanghai and 950 million yuan in Zhejiang.

China Metavese Received 14.7% Total Global Investment With 4 Unicorn Projects
Monthly Equity Funding in Metaverse 2022

From the perspective of segmented tracks, metaverse industrial applications, underlying technology, games, social networks. The media and community as well as digital people are the most sought after audiences. In particular, digital people have received more attention in China.

Four metaverse unicorns of China

According to the report, by 2022, there will be four unicorns appearing in China’s metadata companies, of which Animoca Brands is valued at $6 billion, becoming the highest-valued company in metadata of China and Xiaoice is the second highest with $2.308 billion. Soul and Shanghai-based Mofa Technology are valued at $2 billion and $1.1 billion, respectively.

China Metavese Received 14.7% Total Global Investment With 4 Unicorn Projects
China’s 4 largest Metaverse companies

The Animoca brand is among the top five brands

From an organizational sales perspective, Animoca Brands made 57 investments in the metaverse industry by 2022, making it the organization with the most investments in the metaverse space this year, in which metaverse industry applications and games playing metaverse each side made 23 investments.

China Metavese Received 14.7% Total Global Investment With 4 Unicorn Projects
Top 5 Venture Capitalists Active in the Metaverse in 2022

In second place is Coinbase, which has done 32 times, 11 of which were invested in Metaverse’s underlying technology and 10 times invested in Metaverse’s industrial applications. Shima Capital ranked third, with 24 shots, including 9 metaverse games and 8 metaverse industry apps.

Soon after, Andressen Horowitz (a16z) made 18 shots, of which 9 were used in the metaverse industry and 5 were used in the metaverse games. In fifth place is Liaode Capital, which has taken 16 shots, including 6 times in metaverse industry applications and 5 times in metaverse games.

Why is China promoting the metaverse?

15 provincial and municipal governments in the country have issued 29 policies specifically supporting Metaverse since this year.

When establishing the Committee at the end of 2021, the leader of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China emphasized, this is not a fad, but an important trend that must be developed. The potential for development is endless, and it is in the period when the Chinese government is focusing on developing key technologies to compete strategically with the West, so the metaverse promises a bright future.

Former head of the China Institute of Industrial Economics and a member of the committee outlined six major trends of the metaverse. Notably, the deep integration between the real economy and the digital economy; data becomes the core asset; globalization of decentralized digital finance.

Currently, China is leading the world in terms of databases. Thanks to a strong database, it contributes to helping e-commerce in the world’s leading developed country of billions of people. Many applications in social management, COVID-19 prevention for high efficiency.

The Chinese government has long viewed data as a factor of production and is gradually building a tight regulatory framework to control this key sector, which has long been dominated by big tech companies. Many experts believe that the huge revenue from the virtual universe will return to strongly stimulate the real economy.

Considering that China may want to establish its own version of the metaverse in line with its economic ambitions, policy directives, and development of domestic technical expertise, and with the aspirations of its people, we It is prudent to predict that there will be more specific regulations to guide the development of the metaverse, like what has happened in the fintech sector. Investors and stakeholders are urged to pay attention to regulatory developments in this area.

Beijing and Shanghai support digital people

From a track’s subdivision perspective, Beijing’s Metaverse industrial application funding amount accounts for 41.7%, Metaverse underlying technology 5.6%, Metaverse media and community and Metaverse’s social media each accounted for 2.8%, who accounted for 47.2%.

China Metavese Received 14.7% Total Global Investment With 4 Unicorn Projects
Distributed in regions in Metaverse

Shanghai’s Metaverse industry app funding accounted for 31.6%, Metaverse underlying technology and Metaverse games both for 5.3%, social Metaverse for 10.5%, and digital people for 47.4 %.

In Guangdong region, the amount of funding for applications by Metaverse industry accounts for 31.3%, Metaverse underlying technology accounts for 18.8%, Metaverse social media accounts for 25% and technical people number is 25%.

In the Zhejiang region, the amount of funding for Metaverse industrial applications accounted for 43.8%, the underlying technology of Metaverse accounted for 31.3%, and Metaverse’s media and community and Metaverse games each. parties accounted for 6.3% and digital people accounted for 12.5%. In Hong Kong, Metaverse industry apps make up 60% and Metaverse games 40%.

The emerging Metaverse industry is currently fueling a hiring boom in China, with companies offering high salaries, jostling for talent to gain a foothold in this futuristic virtual world soon, even as many People in the technology sector are feeling the pinch due to the global economic turmoil that has resulted in layoffs and hiring freezes.

Due to high demand, the annual salary for new graduates in the industry can be as high as 400,000 to 500,000 yuan ($57,372 to $71,716), and senior engineers with 10 years of experience are paid between one million and two million yuan ( $143,432 to $1,434,320). each year. For particularly outstanding talents, 4 million to 5 million yuan is not uncommon, according to Shanghai-based media, citing industry insiders.

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