TRON’s Revenue In Q4 2022 Realized Nearly $48 Million, 25% Exceeded QoQ

Key Points:

  • TRON’s revenue for Q4 2022 will be US$47.96 million, up 25% from the previous 3rd quarter.
  • TRON has positive achievements despite the collapse of FTX dragging back the development of the crypto market.
  • Founder Justin Sun also aspires to make TRX legal tender in five countries by the end of 2023.
TRON's Revenue In Q4 2022 Realized Nearly $48 Million, 25% Exceeded QoQ
Despite the market volatility, TRON’s revenue in the last quarter of 2022 recorded a 25% increase from the previous quarter and achieved many notable achievements.

According to figures provided by Messari, the decentralized digital platform Tron posted revenue of $47.9 million in the last quarter of 2022, up 25% from the third quarter.

The Justin Sun-led platform generated nearly $48 million in revenue during that period, 25% more than in Q3. Q2 2022 remains the most productive quarter, with a profit of $48.5 million.

Meanwhile, unfavorable macroeconomic conditions took their toll in the first few months, while Terra’s fall in the spring exacerbated the problems. The once-famous FTX failure added to the drama, causing a market crash and undermining the industry’s reputation.

At the same time, new users and network activity also increased. The average number of daily active addresses rose from 2.6 million in the third quarter last year to 3.1 million in the fourth quarter, and the average daily transaction volume reached 6.5 million (5.3 million in the previous quarter). Average transactions per second increased to 76 (62 in Q3), and transaction fees remained at $0.08.

TRON's Revenue In Q4 2022 Realized Nearly $48 Million, 25% Exceeded QoQ

Achieving many admirable achievements also makes TRON founder Justin Sun more confident about making TRX legal tender in 5 countries by the end of 2023. Upon this, he posted the flags of Sint Maarten and Dominica, indicating they could start the trend.

The TRON network has existed for more than five years and is still growing, with a market worth over $5 trillion. The network’s development of several decentralized applications (dApps) and the acquisition of assets (like BitTorrent) indicates it is gaining momentum.

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