Tornado Cash Returns After The US Government’s Repression

Key Points:

  • SpankChain and Reflex Labs co-founder Ameen Soleimani has hinted at the return of the upcoming Ethereum-based mixer Tornado Cash.
  • The tweet says Privacy Pools V0 will be the sequel to Tornado Cash.
  • Previously, the crypto mixer was sanctioned by the US authorities, and the Dutch police are still holding the developer Alexey Pertsev.
In a recent tweet on the personal account of SpankChain and Reflex Labs co-founder Ameen Soleimani, the return of Ethereum-based crypto mixer Tornado Cash is about to return.
Tornado Cash Returns After The US Government's Repression

Soleimani’s tweet indicated Privacy Pools V0 would be the sequel to the mixer. Add to that the upcoming participation of the Moloch DAO, the organization that provides grants for developing the Ethereum project.

The cryptocurrency mixing protocol similar to Tornado Cash has received a lot of criticism because of how it works using various techniques to hide the origin of the cryptocurrency, which has facilitated a lot of crypto hacks, no matter how big or small, can be done smoothly.

Because of this, the US Office of Foreign Assets Control has accused Tornado Cash of facilitating money laundering by the Lazarus hacker group with links to North Korea. Accompanying that is the order to sanction and ban the operation.

Its developer Alexey Pertsev was also arrested by Dutch authorities last summer. Currently, Pertsev remains in custody until a hearing is scheduled for this April.

However, along with the criticism of the legal authorities, Tornado Cash has received much support from the cryptocurrency investor and developer community because of its core decentralization.

Tornado Cash Returns After The US Government's Repression

The Ethereum-based mixer Tornado Cash code repositories were re-listed on GitHub last September. GitHub is a centralized internet hosting service for software development commonly used by Ethereum developers. Ethereum developers – believing that computer code is protected speech under the First Amendment of the US Constitution – have called on Tornado Cash code-hosting platforms to reverse their ban.

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