Blur NFT Will Filter Fraudulent Wallet Addresses During Airdrop Season 2

Key Points:

  • Blur NFT will remove suspected fraudulent wallet addresses in the next airdrop.
  • Before that, Blur appeared in many wallet addresses that cheated bids to participate in receiving the airdrop.
  • After the first airdrop, the BLUR token received a severe sell-off that caused the price to fluctuate.
  • The project also recorded over 50% of revenue as wash trade transactions.
After the first airdrop made a lot of noise, Blur NFT will launch the second airdrop and improve fraud by filtering participating wallet addresses.
Blur NFT Will Filter Fraudulent Wallet Addresses During Airdrop Season 2

Like many NFT exchanges that want to compete with OpenSea, Blur uses tokens and an airdrop strategy to attract NFT users. Right from the first day of its launch, Blur announced an airdrop of tokens for users and NFT traders.

Blur NFT market finally announced the long-awaited airdrop on February 13. After the airdrop, many participating users dumped BLUR tokens mercilessly, causing its price to drop dramatically serious, reduced to $ 0.5 – $ 0.7 compared to $ 5 when listing the floor. BLUR’s trading volume in the following hours was over half a billion dollars.

The difficulty for season 2 is expected to increase due to more competition. Blur has confirmed that more than 300 million tokens will be distributed in Season 2, and Blur revealed there would be a Season 2 broadcast soon.

Blur NFT Will Filter Fraudulent Wallet Addresses During Airdrop Season 2

All bidding and listing sites have been doubled until April 1, 2023. This means you have to start listing and bidding on NFT on Blur to get a head start on Season 2 rewards.

Remember to bid on top collections close to the floor price to increase your score. Blur has also confirmed that the secret to maximizing rewards in Season 2 will be Loyalty.

Before that, CryptoSlam had discovered at least $577 million of over $1 billion worth of Blur-related wash trade revenue since the February 14 airdrop, such as a brief resale of NFTs at a price close to the asset’s original transaction.

The community judged Blur facilitated wash trading during their airdrop to attract users from other platforms.

Therefore, in response to a user’s report about a fraudulent wallet address having a high queue, the project will announce that it will select and remove wallet addresses with signs of fraud in the next airdrop following this.

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