ZigZag Completed The Largest Record-breaking Airdrop Of 34 Million ZZ

Key Points:

  • ZigZag has completed its airdrop, with over 100,000 users receiving the token airdrop, accounting for 34% of the entire ZZ supply.
  • The ZZ token will be listed on the DEX soon and will share the fee money earned by the ZK Rollup, including spot/margin and perpetual contracts.
  • The token will now float freely, allowing the market to set its price and offer liquidity.
DEX ZigZag, the second-layer ZK Rollup order book of Ethereum, announced that the airdrop had been completed.
ZigZag Completed The Largest Record-breaking Airdrop Of 34 Million ZZ

More than 100,000 users have received the airdrop of ZigZag tokens (ZZ), accounting for 34% of the total supply of ZZ (34 million pieces).

According to the previous announcement, Gitcoin donors will be compensated in future airdrops.

ZZ tokens will share the fee income generated on ZK Rollups, including spot/margin trading and perpetual contracts, and will be launched on DEX soon.

The token will gain more use cases as ZigZag Exchange deploys on the upcoming ZK-Rollups.

Users of the DEX can have a trading experience similar to that of a CEX by placing deals that do not require confirmations on MetaMask using ZK technology.

The DEX will also participate in DAO governance, and a governance forum with the proposal and voting functions will be launched after the zkSync Era.

ZigZag’s internal market maker has stopped bidding and asking for native tokens. From now on, ZZ tokens will float freely, and the market can determine its pricing and provide liquidity. The community also determines the listing of exchange tokens.

ZigZag Completed The Largest Record-breaking Airdrop Of 34 Million ZZ

Powered by zkSync and Arbitrum, ZigZag Exchange is a decentralized order book exchange. It offers consumers a trading experience comparable to that of a CEX, only they have complete control over their funds. In ZigZag, users may trade directly from their wallets for cheap costs.

Because the platform’s market makers gather price feeds from CEXs and pass them to the order books on the DEX, this is conceivable. As a result, ZigZag’s pricing limits are the same as those of CEXs, allowing users to trade at competitive prices.

ZigZag was created by an open community of coders, designers, mathematicians, cryptograph specialists, high-frequency traders, researchers, market makers, and other contributors. Their code is available on GitHub, and smart contracts are inspected on a regular basis by the community.

As Coin reported, Kedar, the founder of ZigZag, announced this airdrop.

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