CZ Smashes Rumors He Was Shot Down By FBI Is Fake News Report

Key Points:

  • Binance CEO CZ denied claims that he was shot by FBI agents.
  • The bogus narrative has spread on the Chinese social media platform WeChat.
  • The CEO also uses the opportunity to underline Binance’s close working relationship with the FBI.
A false news report claiming that Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) was “shot” by government authorities circulated on China’s WeChat social media network.
CZ Smashes Rumors He Was Shot Down By FBI Is Fake News Report

In a recent tweet, CZ disputed a story that had spread widely through a Chinese chat site.

CZ responded to the bogus rumors that spread on the Chinese messaging platform WeChat, saying that he was “shot” by The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), even underlining Binance’s good relationship with the FBI.

When confronted with the unusual story that he had been shot by US law enforcement, CZ kept things light, stating that the Binance team works well with the FBI and punctuating his remark with a “shrug” emoji.

Binance CEO posted a photoshopped image of the Chinese edition of The New York Times Twitter account.

Despite the fact that one of CZ’s New Year’s objectives was to “ignore FUD, fake news, attacks, and so on,” he’s had a terrible start to 2023.

In response to another Twitter user, CZ cracked a joke about anyone who bought the bogus article and sold their cryptocurrencies as a result. “Changpeng Zhao was shot dead by the FBI,” the user circled in a screenshot.

Binance.US has hired former FBI agent BJ Kang to lead an investigative team aiming at combatting illicit activities on the platform, Coincu previously reported in October 2022.

BJ Kang leaves the FBI for the cryptocurrency exchange after more than two decades with the agency, most recently in the Washington field office’s cybercrime team.

Earlier, CZ and Binance.US CEO Brian Shroder received a letter on March 1 from three US senators, Elizabeth Warren, Chris Van Hollen, and Roger Marshall, asking for additional details about Binance’s financials.

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