’s Next-Gen Card Game Takes Advantage Of ImmutableX’s Scaling Solution

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  • Vietnam-based gaming company has partnered with layer-2 scaling solution ImmutableX to enhance its upcoming card game.
  • They are launching a URA Airdrop Token to kick off their collaboration and build anticipation for the game’s initial NFT offering., a Vietnam-based gaming company that has raised over $1.5M for its next-generation card game, has partnered with ImmutableX, a leading layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum.'s Next-Gen Card Game Takes Advantage Of ImmutableX's Scaling Solution

Roboworld and ImmutableX are launching a URA Airdrop Token through the Galxe platform to kick off their collaboration. This milestone partnership is sure to attract the attention of blockchain enthusiasts.

Following the URA Airdrop Token launch, Roboworld will host several events to build anticipation for its upcoming initial NFT offering. These events include the INO Countdown Event, INO Box Sales, and the NFT Convert feature, which allows users to convert their existing Roboworld NFTs from Polygon Chain to ImmutableX, adding a new level of flexibility to the NFT market.

As part of this partnership, Roboworld will be one of the first games to adopt Immutable Passport on IMX.'s Next-Gen Card Game Takes Advantage Of ImmutableX's Scaling Solution

Roboworld is a turn-based strategy card game that uses augmented reality technology to enhance gameplay. The game features a deep storyline, diverse gameplay mechanics, and NFTs enhanced by AR technology. Roboworld’s ultimate goal is to build a reality verse, offering a cutting-edge virtual world powered by AI and NFTs.

Gamers can experience a smooth and uninterrupted gaming journey with the support of ImmutableX and its Immutable Passport technology. Say goodbye to gas fee wars in the market and enjoy a seamless gaming experience in this virtual world.

Hung Le, CTO Roboworld

With the partnership, the future of gaming and blockchain is looking even brighter. ImmutableX’s layer-2 scaling solution will enable Roboworld to provide players with a seamless and immersive experience.

As the blockchain industry grows, partnerships like this will become increasingly important in driving innovation and adoption. The collaboration between Roboworld and ImmutableX marks an exciting milestone for the gaming and blockchain communities alike.

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