Controversial Project CryptoGPT (GPT) Catching Both AI And ZK Trends, Launching Token

Key Points:

  • The controversial project CryptoGPT (GPT) announced it will launch its own token at 11:00 UTC today.
  • The GPT token will be listed on Bitfinex, Bybit, Bitget, and four other exchanges.
  • The project launched at a time when cryptocurrencies using AI technology and ZK have been growing strongly since the beginning of the year.
CryptoGPT, a layer-2 blockchain that combines 2 current hit technologies, namely zero-knowledge (ZK) and artificial intelligence (AI), and this project announced issuing its own token.
Controversial Project CryptoGPT (GPT) Catching Both AI And ZK Trends, Launching Token

The project was launched at a time when AI and ZK technologies were both receiving substantial attention from the community. CryptoGPT claims it will have 2 million end users at launch and over 100 developers.

The GPT token will be listed on crypto exchanges Bitfinex, Bybit, Bitget, and others on Friday at 11:00 UTC (6 a.m. ET).

The project claims that users can monetize their fitness, dating, gaming, and education data, a concept it branded “AI2Learn”. It will also launch a series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that store owner activity data.

Controversial Project CryptoGPT (GPT) Catching Both AI And ZK Trends, Launching Token

Artificial intelligence is booming following a surge of public interest, with searches for “artificial intelligence” on Google up 300% since early 2021, according to Google Trends.

Cryptocurrency tokens using AI technology have surged since the start of the year, outperforming bitcoin and ethereum as investors try to capitalize on the latest trend.

The launch of GPT chat has created an explosion of AI technology. However, one of the biggest problems with artificial intelligence chatbots like ChatGPT is their use of unvetted data from the internet. This “garbage in, garbage out” approach can make the output useless.

Besides that, ZK technology is also being praised by influential people like CZ of Binance and Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum, who are also creating a wave for ZK projects to flourish.

By requesting payment in exchange for the right to use data and distributing the money received via the token, CryptoGPT hopes to resolve the legal issue. It offers users a share of each user’s revenue in exchange for users signing up as their friends. On Telegram, talks about CryptoGPT are hosted.

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