OpenSea Pro Hits Remarkable Performance With After Launch

Key Points:

  • OpenSea has released OpenSea Pro, an NFT marketplace aggregator with a variety of benefits.
  • The performance of the platform was 3-4 times higher than before it was launched, even comparable to rival Blur.
  • Several of the concerns that NFT fans experience, such as transaction fees, are addressed with OpenSea Pro.
This week, non-fungible token marketplace OpenSea launched a new platform OpenSea Pro (formerly Gem v2), aimed at professional NFT traders, aiming at top rival Blur.
OpenSea Pro Hits Remarkable Performance With After Launch

So far, the response to the platform has been mostly good, but it’s uncertain if the change will be enough to encourage Blur fans to convert.

According to Dune Analytics data, after completing the brand upgrade, the active addresses and transaction volume of the NFT aggregator OpenSea Pro have increased significantly in recent days, with daily active addresses exceeding 2,900 and daily transaction volume exceeding $2.7 million.

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OpenSea Pro Hits Remarkable Performance With After Launch
Source: Dune

This is almost 3-4 times as much as before. Currently, OpenSea Pro’s share of aggregation transactions is comparable to that of Blur.

Besides, since the launch, almost 85,000 Gemesis NFTs have already been minted by our community. This is a significant number for the competition of today’s NFT marketplace platforms.

According to the documentation, OpenSea Pro will be the most powerful NFT aggregator, delivering various boats for different persons. OpenSea promises the platform will provide a new degree of optionality, selection, and control to fulfill the demands of professional traders.

Importantly, the platform would collect NFT pricing from 170 different marketplaces, as well as provide live cross-marketplace data, rapid sales, advanced orders, and other capabilities.

OpenSea Pro Hits Remarkable Performance With After Launch

The 2.5% charge will also be reinstated for the normal OpenSea platform. OpenSea Pro allows parties to list on OpenSea for 0% costs for a limited time.

Maybe most interesting is the team’s mention of community awards. When it comes to this, the crypto world has gone crazy, with many recommending an airdrop. The company is charting a fresh route by showcasing NFTs as incentives, according to the statement.

In April 2022, OpenSea bought NFT aggregator Gem. The purpose was to improve the latter’s capabilities, such as the ability to purchase NFTs in bulk from several platforms. This reduces the amount of money spent on purchases.

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