Bitcoin Addresses Holding Over 100 BTC Reached A 3-Month Low

Key Points:

  • Bitcoin is having a decentralization of coin holdings, and retail investors have also begun to participate in the market.
  • The number of BTC wallet addresses holding over 100 coins has hit a 3-month low.
  • The balance between the BTC margin and futures markets gives investors bullish confidence.
Bitcoin is currently having struggles in the price zone of competition between buyers and sellers. However, other data show that inflows are showing signs of decentralization.
Bitcoin Addresses Holding Over 100 BTC Reached A 3-Month Low

Bitcoin has been on a roll, hitting a high of $29,000 earlier this week. Nevertheless, these were just short-term gains as they fell below $28,000, indicating a pessimistic market attitude.

The reason for its recent uptick might be ascribed to the bullish US dollar, which climbed recently with the announcement of solid US job growth statistics, raising the likelihood of a Federal Reserve interest rate rise in May. This revelation will most certainly encourage investors to abandon cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, which may lose value as a result of a higher dollar.

However, according to Glassnode data, the number of Bitcoin wallet addresses holding more than 100 coins has reached a 3-month low of 15962 addresses. We can see more decentralization and equality in BTC holdings, retail investors, and even sharks starting to enter the market as it flourishes.

In addition, for the first time, Open Interest in Bitcoin Options contracts ($10.3 billion) has exceeded Open Interest in Futures contracts ($10 billion). This is the effect of a large call option purchase as investors begin to bet on rising Bitcoin prices.

In summary, both the Bitcoin margin and futures markets are presently neutral, which should be taken favorably given that the BTC price increased by more than 40% and was able to maintain the $28,000 level.

With the massive regulatory uncertainty created by the SEC’s Wells Notice against Coinbase on March 22, the lack of shorts utilizing leverage and futures markets now supports further price rise.

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