Twitter Now Enables Crypto And Stock Trading Through eToro Partnership

Key Points:

  • Twitter’s partnership with eToro now allows real-time observation and trading of crypto and stock assets.
  • This integration marks Twitter’s entry into the financial services industry, a move that aligns with Elon Musk’s “super app” vision.
  • Prior to this partnership, Twitter only allowed observation of real-time trading data from TradingView through eToro’s Cashtag feature.
Twitter has partnered with eToro to enable the trading of crypto and stocks. Real-time observation and trading are now available on the platform.
Twitter Now Enables Crypto And Stock Trading Through eToro Partnership

Through its partnership with eToro, Twitter has enabled cryptocurrency and stock trading. This development follows the recent announcement of the collaboration between the two companies. The initial feature allowed users to observe real-time stock and cryptocurrency prices.

The integration of the digital asset industry with social media platforms has been gradually increasing. Initially, the platform launched a feature in December that allows users to search for stock or cryptocurrency symbols to observe prices. As a result, the latest development in this effort is enabling stock trading.

Twitter and eToro have partnered to enable crypto and stock trading. The relationship between Twitter and the digital asset industry has been interesting, especially as Elon Musk has been associated with the meme coin, Dogecoin. Consequently, the social platform has slowly integrated different aspects of the industry into its features.

With the ongoing partnership with eToro, Twitter has enabled users to observe prices and trade various assets. CNBC reported that this partnership is rare for the social platform which Musk owns. The move aids in Musk’s mission to develop the platform into a “super app” that provides financial services to users on various levels.

Before its launch, users were able to observe real-time trading data from TradingView via eToro’s Cashtag feature. The collaboration aims to integrate various asset classes into the platform. Additionally, the integration suggests that Musk aims to develop the platform beyond its social standing.

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