Ordinals Wallet Airdropped Pixel Pepes NFTs After The PEPE Wave Grows Strong

Key Points:

  • Ordinals Wallet has announced the Pixel Pepes NFT airdrop for early adopters.
  • The hype brought about by PEPE has spurred products to evolve around it.
The rapid rise of Bitcoin Ordinals continues as Ordinals Wallet, the newest Bitcoin wallet to come out with explicit support for Ordinals Inscriptions, has announced the NFT airdrop event along with the strong ongoing wave of FOMO Pepecoin.
Ordinals Wallet Airdropped Pixel Pepes NFTs After The PEPE Wave Grows Strong

Bitcoin wallet service provider Ordinals Wallet announced that it had airdropped Pixel Pepes NFT to users who participated in transactions in the first week of product release.

Ordinals Wallet, which went online on February 16, is the first Bitcoin wallet to explicitly handle Ordinals Inscriptions. Users may receive, store, and see Ordinals in their wallets using the wallet. Users may now also advertise Ordinals for sale and make purchases as of March 1.

The wallet eliminates the necessity for users to operate a complete Bitcoin node in order to effectively interact with the blockchain. Users just have to pay a transaction charge (which they can do in the wallet app itself).

Pixel Pepes is an NFT 500 NFTs-backed project by the Solana blockchain. However, with the expansion into the Bitcoin ecosystem, its price spiked. The floor price of the NFT is 0.43 BTC.

Ordinals Wallet Airdropped Pixel Pepes NFTs After The PEPE Wave Grows Strong

Pepecoin (PEPE) holders may be taking gains on their investments after one of the most stunning climbs in cryptocurrency history, with an over 5,000,000% increase in the last few weeks.

With the sustained liquidity, PEPE is expected to see greater rises in the coming days, with a number of whales still holding large bets.

PEPE’s support level, on the other hand, has been decreasing since Saturday, signaling that the meme token may still have a few more dips in store before it can begin to rise again. Apart from meme-dom, one of the reasons PEPE has had such a great few days is that it has been listed on a number of major exchanges, including Binance and OKX.

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