Bingbon – The largest copy trade platform today

When entering the financial market, many people thought of investing without experience, knowledge or time and still generating stable and secure profits?

Bingbon The largest copy trade platform today In fact, often new investors don’t have much knowledge and experience, or investors who want to get into the crypto market but don’t have time to monitor price movements, technical analysis, etc. Trading and making a profit is extremely difficult. Hence, the Copy Trade form was born to meet this need.

Efficient, sustainable

Copy Trade is a portfolio management strategy in which one trader copies trades made by another trader (often referred to as a Pro Trader / Master) in the market. The goal of Copy Trade is for that trader to be in the same position as the person he is copying.

For example, a professional trader invests $ 10,000 and makes a profit of 10%, which is equal to $ 1,000. A new investor uses their $ 1,000 to copy a professional trader’s trade. Thus the new investor also receives 10% of the profit, the equivalent of 100 USD.

In addition, new investors can also copy many different Pro Traders at the same time to diversify risk to their capital. In order to be successful in the crypto market, new investors usually need to have knowledge, skills in dealing with capital, risk management, emotion management, market surveillance, chart analysis, etc. Again, these skills do not have to be learned to be practiced smoothly.

They must have hands-on experience, constantly improve their knowledge, learn from their own mistakes and those of other traders, and apply and develop their own appropriate trading strategies to minimize risk and maximize profit.

Although Copy Trade is a form of passive trading with a lot of potential and popular in the market, not everyone knows how to make easy profits with this form. One of the difficulties with this form of trading is choosing a good copy trade account and allocating the capital in the right direction.

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And the question arises, should investors choose Bingbon? Bingbon is the exchange of which country? Is that a reputable platform? Does Bingbon have anything special than the “big ones” like Binance, Huobi …?

“Strength” bingbons

Bingbon is an exchange that is a crypto derivatives exchange. Bingbon comes from Singapore, in Taiwan (China), bingbon is in the top 3 and in Synthetic Team in the top 2, just behind the largest exchange, Binance. Bingbon was founded by a team of engineers from Google, Microsoft and Tencent.

Launched in May 2018, Bingbon is now present in over 40 countries, according to coinmarketcap, the volume is now 5-6 billion USD / day. As of 2021, Bingbon will have millions of users.

Bingbon now has a US Money Services Business (MSB) license. This type of financial license is overseen and issued by FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Bureau of the US Department of the Treasury). The exchange also received an MTR license from the Estonian Ministry of Economy and Communication.

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The fact that Bingbon serves millions of users in many regions of the world such as Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Russia, and Synthetic Team has ensured a reliable, robust, and affordable trading environment.

The main function of the Bingbon platform is to enable users to buy and sell digital products from one platform. The exchange also offers users a variety of services such as instant spot swaps, derivative pairs, and the high leverage fiat financial system for digital currencies.

It can be confirmed that Copy Trade is the standout feature of Bingbon Floor. Bingbon’s first goal in creating the Copy Trade feature was for traders and users to copy trades with a “win-win” effect.

The second goal of Bingbon is to create a stable, low-risk investment environment for both users and Bingbon. Therefore, after a period of testing this function, the exchange changed some functions in copy trading in order to offer the optimal solution. How not to limit users to functionality while keeping the risk to users and Bingbon low.

Assessment of the security of the Bingbon exchange, known after 4 years of operation, Bingbon shows that it is a safe exchange. And so far, there have never been any security errors with Bingbon.

Disclaimer: This is a press release, not investment advice. You must find out carefully before trading, we are not responsible for your investment decisions.

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