mfers Review: The NFT Collection Of The Community With An Interesting History

Sartoshi, an NFT artist and influencer, presented a series of stick figure NFTs made completely from hand drawings in November 2021. The project exploded, quickly becoming one of the top NFTs in the industry. Let’s find out details about this project with Coincu through this mfers Review article.
mfers Review: The NFT Collection Of The Community With An Interesting History

What is mfers?

The universe of mfers is straightforward. Their catchphrase, “We all mfers!” signifies that there is no hierarchy! All mfers are created equal. Since there is no king or ruler, mfers may create anything they want with their NFT.

The initial mint price for an NFT, which was released in November 2021, was 0.069 ETH or 84$. According to CoinGecko, the collection’s current floor price is 0.79 ETH or $1375, with a remarkable market capitalization of 8,014 ETH or a mouth-watering $14 million.

mfers is a one-of-a-kind NFT collection that will appear in late 2021 on the Ethereum Blockchain and will be released anonymously by Sartoshi. mfers started as a personal investigation of the realm of community-driven, decentralized digital art.

The NFT collection includes 10,000 meme NFTs, which were inspired by the original CryptoPunks NFT collection. There are additionally twenty-one 1/1 NFTs to honor 21 prominent NFTs from the period, including BAYC. Moreover, these NFTs are in the public domain, which means that the owner of the NFTs may utilize them for commercial reasons if they so want.

mfers Review: The NFT Collection Of The Community With An Interesting History

The birth inspiration of mfers

Sartoshi started investigating digital works on SuperRare, a platform that enables users to purchase and trade one-of-a-kind digital art, in March 2021. Sartoshi found CryptoPunks, an extremely popular NFT created by Larva Labs, while delighting in his findings.

CryptoPunks has 10,000 beautiful NFTs with a distinct Pixel design language. Sartoshi saw what CryptoPunks had done and acquired his first CryptoPunks in April 2021, which motivated him to develop the NFT mfers project.

Sartoshi began making work on Foundation, a digital art creation site. Sartoshi utilized humorous and simple material to engage with the community. Sartoshi’s distinct digital art style and upbeat social media presence captured viewers, resulting in a sizable following base. Then came the “AHA!” moment. ”what if we all have that mfers inside of us? What if, in a way, we are all degens in front of a computer navigating a new world? As investors, artists, gamers, collectors, whatever…,” wonder the creator.

Sartoshi popularized the notion of “I can do what I want in Web3” by creating a figure in the shape of a youngster smoking a cigarette.

The NFT project grew from a personal fascination with digital art to a decentralized community that generates, manages, and extends the blueprint of the mfers world.

mfers is leading the way in the realm of NFTs by using public domain licenses, community-driven decision-making, and blockchain technology.

With partnerships, new initiatives, and a devoted community pushing mfer derivatives into digital art and community development, its future seems bright.

Sartoshi collaborated with the WestCoastNFT group, a group of developers and NFT lovers, to build the Mfers collection. They were in charge of the project’s technical aspects, such as establishing the Ethereum contract and implementing minting functionalities. Meanwhile, Sartoshi meticulously developed each figure, each with its own personality and aesthetic appeal.

mfers Review: The NFT Collection Of The Community With An Interesting History

It makes it logical to create a stick figure-based NFT collection since everyone has a rebellious side. To pay homage to the original initiative, the CryptoPunks-inspired 10,000 NFT collection comprises comparable rarities.

Regrettably, Sartoshi chose to act like the actual Satoshi in June 2022. Yeah, the NFT influencer erased his profile and transferred ownership of the contract away from himself. But, he was not so simply defeated. Sartoshi sent a mysterious parting note and a last NFT to say farewell. Many on crypto Twitter perceived this as a swindle, given that Sartoshi pocketed 20% of the proceeds. On the other hand, he did inform his supporters that he would be departing, thus others argue that the drop is just a piece of history.

Others considered the End of Sartoshi NFT collection a rug pull since the famed shitposter vanished right after. Despite this, many people still exchange farewell tokens. Now, the mfers Review article will explore the special features of the project.

What’s so special about mfers?

This collection calls into question what we think we know about the Web3 universe. Essentially, the inventor refused to submit to the NFT crowd’s usual norms. Meaning? Sartoshi made certain that there was no whitelist access, sponsored marketing, or anything else when minting the mfers NFT.

mfers was first launched as an experiment. Simply said, they were published to test whether a public domain NFT (CC0 licenses: You may copy, alter, distribute, and perform the work, including for commercial reasons, all without requesting permission) would capture the interest of the population. Additionally, Sartoshi granted the crowds the NFT copyright over the production. “mfers don’t need Sartoshi’s approval or looking over their shoulder as they experiment and build,” he says. And he was correct!

Clearly, the benefits of this trial outweighed the drawbacks. Particularly with so many alternatives! Consider this: everyone may utilize their mfers NFT in whatever manner they choose. For example, some mfers were creating their own NFT items and stuff, but the blockchain assured that the owner of the original NFT always owned the OG item.

It’s worth remembering that Gremplin’s classic collections Nouns and Cryptoadz used this method as well, and it worked. This collection also lacks formal social media profiles. To clarify, the mfers NFT community established an officially unofficial discord with over 53,800 members who are doing fantastic things! And Sartoshi isn’t even there! There is also an unauthorized Twitter account! This is exactly what “Power To The People” means.

Many individuals may be perplexed as to why someone would spend $40,000 or more for a stick figure artwork when the mfers’ NFT collection has no value or future plan.

The answer is community. mfers have grown common in the realm of NFT Twitter. Others anticipate that they will be the next blue-chip NFT. This is due to the fact that Sartoshi did not construct the community using a whitelist. The initiative emerged naturally from a common passion.

Some of the popularity may be due to the design’s qualities and how relevant it is. The stance of the stick-figure sketch is comparable to that of someone seated at a desk, gazing at a computer screen. It is something that everyone can connect to in today’s environment. Basic accessories, haircuts, and facial expressions serve as the perfect canvas for people to identify with.

Satoshi pushed the community to create new art without following tight guidelines. To exchange ideas and collaborate, the community created an unofficial mfers discord server. Individuals filled various jobs such as moderators, artists, developers, and project managers. This contributed to the formation of an organic and decentralized community.

Utility of the NFT collection

The community provides all utilities for and to the community. And the mfers are creating amazing things:

  • A 3D MFerverse filled with 3D mfers and new tokens.
  • Merchandise: Hoodies and hats.
  • mfers variants such as: ahead (front-facing), dead (cool skull), apemfers, 1/1 collections such as mfers in paradise, and more in the works.
  • A book.
  • NFT songs.
  • Twitter places in multiple languages where mfers from across the world may connect.

Where to buy the NFT collection?

You can buy the NFT collection on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.

Mode of operation

NFT smart contract and the largest NFT royalty share went to the community. Via the unofficial mfers multi-sig wallet, the largest share (50%) of the NFT creator royalty went forward to them to do with as they wish. In detail, the NFT collection’s total creator royalty will be 5% and the breakdown of the total creator royalty is as follows:

  • 50% unofficial the multi-sig.
  • 25% Sartoshi creator-royalty wallet.
  • 15% goes to the Dev team at WestCoastNFT (They are also the Dev team for the iconic Doodles NFT collection).
  • 10% Other mfers Devs and Consults.
mfers Review: The NFT Collection Of The Community With An Interesting History

mfers DAO

As the group developed and matured, they started thinking about becoming a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This would enable members of the community to voice their thoughts on the project’s future, prospective partnerships, and financial distribution.

The DAO would use blockchain technology and smart contracts to enable fair and transparent decision-making, in line with the decentralized ideals of mfers.


The mfers NFTs established its own token concept to encourage increased community participation. Participants may use this token to vote on choices, sell additional mfers, offer feedback on project developments, and receive access to unique mfer and content. This allows the initiative to remain engaged with its community while also developing.


Several artists, developers, and businesspeople have shown interest in the mfers initiative, resulting in how many mfers collaborations and partnerships. These links have helped to expand the mfers world by establishing new projects and activities that make use of the distinctive characters and artwork. Fashion partnerships, virtual reality experiences, game integrations, and other initiatives are examples of this. The mfers universe is always growing, which provides new options for community members and the larger NFT space.

Conclusion of mfers Review

The NFT collection’s straightforward approach is crucial to its success. Moreover, Sartoshi gathered the whole mfers community and assigned them crucial duties. Eventually, the partnership between creator and community broke through many boundaries and imagined hierarchical taboos.

This decision sparked creativity and enabled the community to experiment with the characters in a variety of ways, including cartoons, related projects, and tangible items.

Clearly, it forced individuals to work hard in order to get the most out of their NFTs. The success of the NFT was dependent not only on the creators but also on the NFT holders. Hopefully the mfers Review article has helped you understand more about the project.

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