RippleX Awards $1.6 Million Grants To 15 Winning Projects

Key Points:

  • RippleX unveils winners of 5th round of XRPL funding, marking a $1.6M investment in 15 outstanding projects worldwide.
  • Innovators from 14 countries selected from a pool of 150 applications.
  • Projects include smart contracts, community-focused browser, financial management platform, among others.
RippleX has unveiled the winners of its highly anticipated 5th round of XRPL funding.
RippleX Awards $1.6 Million Grants to 15 Winning Projects

This grant program attracted an impressive 150 applications from around the globe, culminating in the selection of 15 outstanding projects spanning 14 countries. The total funding amount for these projects exceeds $1.6 million, marking a significant investment in the advancement of the XRPL ecosystem.

RippleX Awards $1.6 Million Grants to 15 Winning Projects

Among the notable winners of XRPL Series 5 grants are:

  1. Alice’s Ring: A groundbreaking proof-of-payment protocol.
  2. web3 CMS 3Shop: An XRP-compatible web content management system built on the XRP ledger.
  3. Alphaday: A cryptographic workflow aggregator.
  4. Shopify Amora App: An application tailored for the Shopify platform.
  5. Bitthomp: A community-focused XRPL browser.
  6. conFIEL: A digital certificate manager.
  7. Dhali: A market tokenized API.
  8. Evernode: A smart contract solution for the XRPL ecosystem.
  9. GateHub Data API: A modernized version of the deprecated Ripple data API.
  10. Keystone: A financial management platform for digital assets.
  11. XRPL Payment Crashes: A self-custodial financial infrastructure based on XRP.
  12. XRPL Elixir: An XRP-based RPC library using Elixir.
  13. XRPL Meta: A Metadata API for XRPL assets.
  14. XRPScan: A deep search platform.
  15. XRPSpec: A behavior-based workflow testing framework for XRPL.

Excitement continues to build, as the review process for Batch 6 applications is currently underway. The winners for this batch are set to be announced in the upcoming fall, further fueling innovation and growth within the XRPL ecosystem. Additionally, Batch 7 applications are expected to open in August 2023, providing aspiring developers and projects with the opportunity to secure funding and contribute to the evolution of XRPL.

RippleX Awards $1.6 Million Grants to 15 Winning Projects

The XRPL Grants Program demonstrates RippleX’s commitment to fostering innovation and driving the adoption of the XRP ledger. By providing financial support to exceptional projects worldwide, RippleX continues to empower developers and entrepreneurs to push the boundaries of blockchain technology.

With the successful completion of its 5th round and the promise of more to come, RippleX is poised to shape the future of XRPL, driving forward its mission to revolutionize the world of digital payments and decentralized finance.

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