dappOS Closes Seed Funding Round With Backing from Sequoia China & IDG Capital

Key Points:

  • dappOS completes seed funding round with Sequoia China and IDG Capital leading the way.
  • Version V2 roadmap promises groundbreaking features to revolutionize decentralized app development.
  • Features include unified accounts, task-related order fulfillment, and a new bidding system.
dappOS has announced the successful completion of its seed funding round. The funding round was led by prominent investors Sequoia China and IDG Capital, who are renowned for their support of groundbreaking projects in the tech and blockchain space.
dappOS Closes Seed Funding Round with Backing from Sequoia China & IDG Capital

Additionally, a lineup of impressive investors participated in the round, including OKX Ventures, HashKey Capital, KuCoin Ventures, TRONDAO Ventures, Gate Labs, Taihill Venture, Symbolic Capital, Foresight Ventures, Mirana Ventures, and Leland Ventures.

The strong backing from such esteemed investors reflects the growing confidence in dappOS’s potential to reshape and enhance the Web3 landscape. This significant influx of capital will undoubtedly provide the necessary fuel to power the project forward and bring its vision to fruition.

dappOS Closes Seed Funding Round with Backing from Sequoia China & IDG Capital

Earlier, the dappOS team had unveiled their highly-anticipated version V2 roadmap, outlining a series of groundbreaking features that promise to revolutionize decentralized application development. Among the key additions are unified accounts, enabling users to access multiple dApps with a single account, streamlining the user experience and increasing convenience.

Furthermore, the V2 roadmap introduces a task-related order fulfillment mechanism, enhancing the efficiency of decentralized applications by ensuring seamless execution of tasks. This innovative addition will make dappOS stand out as a cutting-edge platform in the highly competitive Web3 space.

dappOS Closes Seed Funding Round with Backing from Sequoia China & IDG Capital

Another exciting feature highlighted in the roadmap is the implementation of a new bidding system. This addition is expected to foster a competitive environment, driving innovation and encouraging developers to create ever more exceptional decentralized applications.

The V2 roadmap is divided into three distinct phases, each with its own set of objectives and milestones. The first phase, “super stable,” focuses on building a robust and reliable foundation for the protocol, ensuring its seamless integration into the Web3 ecosystem.

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