Binance Pool Launches Bitcoin Cash Mining Service

Key Points:

  • Binance Mining Pool launches Bitcoin Cash (BCH) mining service with Full Pay Per Share (FPPS) settlement method.
  • Miners receive fixed payout for each valid share submitted, reducing risks and guaranteeing stable income stream.
  • Automated reward distribution offers unparalleled convenience for miners.
Binance Mining Pool has declared the official launch of its Bitcoin Cash (BCH) mining service.
Binance Pool

The mining service will utilize the Full Pay Per Share (FPPS) settlement method, offering users a seamless and efficient mining experience. With this new service, users can now participate in the BCH mining process and reap daily rewards automatically deposited into their fund wallets.

The FPPS settlement method ensures that miners receive a fixed payout for each valid share submitted, regardless of whether the block is eventually found or not. This guarantees miners a stable income stream and reduces the risks associated with traditional mining methods. By adopting FPPS, Binance Mining Pool aims to attract more miners to the BCH network and contribute to its overall security and decentralization.

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Changpeng Zhao expressed his excitement about the new venture, stating:

“We are thrilled to expand our mining offerings to include Bitcoin Cash. Binance Mining Pool has always been committed to providing our users with top-notch services and opportunities to participate in the blockchain ecosystem. With the addition of BCH mining using the FPPS settlement method, we believe it will further strengthen the mining community and the overall crypto landscape.”

One of the key highlights of this new mining service is the automated reward distribution. Starting from 10:00 (UTC) daily, mining rewards earned by participants will be automatically deposited into their respective fund wallets. This feature offers unparalleled convenience for miners, enabling them to monitor and access their earnings effortlessly.


Binance’s move to add BCH mining to its portfolio comes at a time when the cryptocurrency market continues to witness substantial growth and adoption. Bitcoin Cash, a prominent fork of the original Bitcoin, has garnered its own dedicated community and use cases. By offering BCH mining services, Binance is expected to contribute to the expansion and resilience of the BCH network.

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