Sui Mainnet Upgraded To V1.6.3, Introduces Liquidity Staking Function

Key Points:

  • Sui mainnet upgrades to V1.6.3, bringing fixes and optimizations, along with new features like liquidity staking.
  • The liquidity staking function introduced through SIP No. 6 aims to boost liquidity and incentivize user engagement. Nodes are urged to update promptly to avoid service failure.
On August 3, the Sui mainnet underwent a significant upgrade to version V1.6.3, bringing numerous fixes and optimizations to the platform. 
Sui Mainnet Upgraded To V1.6.3, Introduces Liquidity Staking Function

The latest update includes the addition of linter warnings, allowing developers to choose whether or not to ignore these warnings. Moreover, warnings will no longer hinder the running of tests, streamlining the development process. Additionally, a new filter called TransactionKindIn has been introduced to enhance functionality. The linter now encourages developers to return objects from functions, promoting better code practices.

One of the key highlights of this version is the implementation of the liquidity staking function, as part of the SIP No. 6 improvement proposal. This feature aims to enhance liquidity on the platform and incentivize participation through staking. To ensure seamless operations and prevent service failure, all nodes are strongly advised to complete the update promptly.

Sui Mainnet Upgraded To V1.6.3, Introduces Liquidity Staking Function

The V1.6.3 upgrade signifies a significant step forward for the Sui mainnet, offering a more robust and optimized experience for developers and users alike. With the addition of the liquidity staking function, the platform aims to bolster liquidity and foster active engagement within its ecosystem. Developers can now take advantage of improved code analysis tools and better code structure, facilitated by the updated linter.

As the Sui mainnet continues to evolve and expand, the development team remains committed to delivering cutting-edge features and enhancements to meet the needs of the growing community. Users and developers can expect improved performance, increased stability, and a more rewarding experience with the implementation of the liquidity staking function. By upgrading to V1.6.3, participants can actively contribute to the platform’s success and reap the benefits of a more advanced and feature-rich Sui ecosystem.

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