Layer 2 Base Joins Forces With Optimism Collective For Decentralized Innovation

Key Points:

  • Ethereum’s Base partners with Optimism Collective, dedicating 15% of profits to Optimism. In exchange, Base gains up to 2.75% of OP token supply.
  • Base unveils principles with Coinbase, stressing unbiased transactions, user control, and data privacy. The Law of Chains is upheld, enabling unrestricted withdrawals.
  • Base’s OP Stack foundation drives Ethereum’s ecosystem presence.
In a strategic move toward strengthening decentralization efforts, Base, the Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) protocol incubated at Coinbase, has announced a substantial collaboration with Optimism Collective.
Layer 2 Base Joins Forces With Optimism Collective For Decentralized Innovation

The partnership entails a commitment by Base to allocate 15% of its L2 transaction profits, following cost deductions, to Optimism Collective. In exchange, Base stands to earn up to 2.75% of the OP token supply over the upcoming six years.

To reinforce the principles of neutrality and decentralization, Base has unveiled the “Base Neutrality Principles,” endorsed by both the Base and Coinbase teams.

These principles encompass the Law of Chains adherence, user autonomy over crypto, impartial transaction sequencing, confidential handling of non-public data, and unrestricted withdrawals from the Base.

Built on the open-source OP Stack in collaboration with Optimism Collective, Base has rapidly established itself as a significant participant within the Ethereum ecosystem. The collaborative framework follows the Law of Chains model, aimed at enhancing cross-chain interoperability and achieving the joint vision of a “superchain.”

Jesse Pollak, principal creator of Base, affirmed the protocol’s commitment to evolving from “stage 0” to “stage 2” of L2 decentralization, focusing on the enhancement of scalability and cybersecurity through clients like op-geth, op-node, and the new op-reth.

This alliance not only highlights the technical prowess of the OP Stack but also signifies the realization of a collective vision uniting individuals, contributors, and organizations.

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