Smart Whale ETH With 100% Win Rate Withdraws $40 Million In 15 Days

Key Points:

  • Smart whale ETH withdrawal: Profiting from market movements with strategic trading, totaling over $40M in withdrawn ETH since September 5.
Smart whale ETH withdrawal moves show strategic trading, resulting in profitable trades. Today, he withdrew 5,040 ETH ($8.17M) from Binance, and the whale has withdrawn a total of 24,548 $ETH ($40M) since Sept 5.

The smart whale strategically trades ETH, profiting from market movements. With recent withdrawals and deposits, it boasts a 100% win rate in trading.

Recent Moves of the Smart Whale

Lookonchain recently reported a smart whale has been making significant moves in the cryptocurrency market. Just minutes ago, he withdrew 5,040 ETH ($8.17M) from Binance. This withdrawal adds to its total of 24,548 ETH ($40M) withdrawn from Binance since September 5. The average withdrawal price for these transactions is $1,631.

Smart Whale ETH With 100% Win Rate Withdraws $40 Million In 15 Days

On September 6, the smart whale withdrew another substantial amount of ETH. This time, it withdrew 9,689 ETH ($15.8M) from Binance. Prior to that, it had made a deposit of 36M USDT to Binance and withdrew a total of 19,508 ETH ($32M).

Strategic ETH Trading by the Smart Whale: Profiting from Market Movements

It seems that the whale has a strategy of buying ETH when its price is at its lowest. This is evident from the deposit of 36M USDT to Binance on September 5, followed by a withdrawal of 9,819 ETH ($15.9M).

Another interesting event occurred on July 1 when the SEC announced that spot Bitcoin ETF filings were inadequate. As a result, ETH plummeted but quickly rose afterward. This smart whale was able to take advantage of this situation by buying 8,188 ETH ($15.23M) before the rise.

With a deposit of 32M USDT to Binance, the whale then withdrew 8,188 ETH at a buying price of approximately $1,860.

According to a Lookonchain report on June 28, the smart whale made a deposit of 25K ETH ($47.24M) to Binance and withdrew 15.9M USDT. It is evident that this whale has a knack for buying ETH at low prices and selling at high prices, resulting in profitable trades. In fact, the whale boasts a 100% win rate in trading ETH over the past 2 months since the Lookonchain report on June 28.

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