Meta Quest 3 New Features: Integrates With AI Chatbots And Meta AI

Key Points:

  • Meta Quest 3 new features: Users can overlay virtual objects in their physical spaces, creating expansive, interactive worlds.
  • Integration and AI: Microsoft collaboration brings Xbox Cloud Gaming and Microsoft 365 to Quest 3, while Meta AI provides real-time information and powers 28 AI chatbots.
Meta Quest 3 new features promise immersive experiences, while Ray-Ban smart glasses offer livestreaming and AI capabilities, as per WSJ.

Meta Platforms, formerly known as Facebook, has announced its latest foray into the metaverse with the unveiling of the Quest 3 mixed-reality headset and a new generation of Ray-Ban smart glasses.

Meta Quest 3 New Features

Meta Quest 3 New Features: Integrates With AI Chatbots And Meta AI

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg emphasized the Quest 3’s potential to transcend physical boundaries, enabling users to engage in vast virtual realms. The headset, priced at $499, will be available for preorders starting immediately and will ship on Oct. 10. It boasts an extensive immersive content library and will soon support Xbox Cloud Gaming and Microsoft 365 integration.

Ray-Ban Smart Glasses 2.0

Meta Quest 3 New Features: Integrates With AI Chatbots And Meta AI

Simultaneously, Meta will introduce the second generation of Ray-Ban smart glasses on Oct. 17, priced at $299. These glasses offer users the ability to livestream their perspective, providing a unique social interaction experience. They are equipped with Meta AI, an artificial intelligence assistant capable of recognizing and providing information about objects in the user’s field of view.

Furthermore, Meta has unveiled 28 AI chatbots featuring celebrity personalities, adding a fun and interactive dimension to its platforms. Alongside these chatbots, the company introduced EMU, an image-generating AI model that transforms text prompts into images within seconds.

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