Sui TVL Soars To $36.82M, Turbos Finance Leads Explosive Growth

Key Points:

  • Sui TVL has reached a record of $36.82M.
  • Turbos Finance experienced a remarkable 152% weekly TVL growth.
  • NAVI Protocol witnessed impressive 93.29% monthly TVL growth, while Cetus dominates with $12.1M in TVL.
Sui TVL has skyrocketed to $36.82 million, driven by explosive growth from Turbos Finance, NAVI Protocol, and the significant contributions of Cetus.

Sui has achieved a groundbreaking milestone in a remarkable turn of events. With a total value locked (TVL) of $36.82 million, Sui has reached an all-time high since its Mainnet launch in May. The surge in Sui TVL has been accompanied by explosive growth within specific projects in the ecosystem.

Sui TVL Soars To $36.82M, Turbos Finance Leads Explosive Growth
Source: DeFiLIama

Over the past week, Turbos Finance, a hyper-efficient decentralized crypto marketplace built on Sui, experienced an astounding 152% increase in TVL. This surge highlights Turbos Finance as a significant contributor to Sui’s recent success.

Monthly TVL Growth Champion

NAVI Protocol, specializing in over-collateralized lending and borrowing for assets such as SUI, USDC, USDT, wETH, and wBTC, witnessed a remarkable 93.29% growth in TVL over the last 30 days. NAVI Protocol’s performance showcases its crucial role in the Sui ecosystem.

Impressively, Cetus, a pioneer DEX and concentrated liquidity protocol within the Sui ecosystem, accounts for one-third of the total $36.66 million in TVL. With $12.1 million in TVL, Cetus plays an essential role in satisfying the diverse needs of traders, liquidity providers, applications, and the growing DeFi community.

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