NFTFi Review: Top 5 Projects To Keep An Eye On In 2024

NFTfi, a pioneering protocol established in 2020, is making significant strides in unlocking liquidity for non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
NFTFi Review: Top 5 Projects To Keep An Eye On In 2024

Positioned as a peer-to-peer (p2p) marketplace for collateralized NFT loans, NFTfi provides a streamlined platform for borrowers to leverage their diverse NFT assets, ranging from collectibles to art, as collateral for loans. Simultaneously, lenders are offered the opportunity to extend loans, earning interest in return.

The platform primarily caters to NFTs compliant with the ERC-721 standard, facilitating a seamless borrowing and lending process within the digital asset landscape. NFTfi’s straightforward approach positions it as an accessible and user-friendly marketplace, fostering an environment where NFT holders can effectively leverage their digital assets for financial purposes.

What is NFTfi?

NFTfi, established in 2020 by Stephen Young, has emerged as a trailblazer in the NFT borrowing and lending sector, offering a robust liquidity protocol tailored for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Functioning as an innovative marketplace, NFTfi enables NFT owners to utilize their digital assets as collateral, facilitating access to secured wETH and DAI loans from liquidity providers through a trustless peer-to-peer mechanism.

The platform’s fundamental design caters to both NFT owners seeking immediate capital and liquidity providers aiming to generate lucrative yields. NFTfi’s emphasis on fostering a trustless environment ensures a secure and transparent process for all parties involved, enabling seamless transactions and reducing potential risks associated with traditional lending practices.

Liquidity providers participating in the NFTfi ecosystem are presented with the opportunity to earn competitive yields, incentivizing their engagement in the platform’s lending activities. Moreover, in instances of loan defaults, liquidity providers stand to benefit from acquiring NFTs at discounted rates relative to their market values, further enhancing the appeal of NFTfi’s offerings within the digital asset space.

The recent successful completion of a $5 million seed funding round further solidifies NFTfi’s position as a leading player in the evolving NFT market. The injection of capital signifies a vote of confidence from investors, underscoring the platform’s potential to redefine the dynamics of NFT-based borrowing and lending, while fostering a dynamic and thriving ecosystem for NFT enthusiasts and investors alike.

As NFTfi continues to pave the way for innovative financial solutions within the NFT landscape, its comprehensive approach and commitment to transparency are poised to drive continued growth and development in the burgeoning world of digital asset-backed lending.

Pros & Cons


  • As a borrower, you can get liquidity from your NFTs
  • As a lender, you can earn a decent return on your lending, or you collect the NFT as collateral
  • Both parties can discuss and connect


  • NFTfi charges a 5% fee to lenders
  • Borrowers could lose their NFT if they cannot repay the loan

Classification of NFTfi

NFTfi falls under the category of decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, specifically catering to the niche sector of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). As an innovative player within the rapidly evolving digital asset landscape, NFTfi functions as a specialized liquidity protocol designed to facilitate borrowing and lending activities using NFTs as collateral.

Operating within the broader DeFi ecosystem, NFTfi aligns itself with the overarching principles of decentralization, transparency, and trustlessness. By enabling NFT owners to unlock the inherent value of their digital assets, the platform empowers individuals to access immediate capital without relying on traditional financial intermediaries.

Categorized as a decentralized lending protocol, NFTfi’s core mechanism revolves around the secure and seamless exchange of NFT-backed loans between borrowers and liquidity providers in a peer-to-peer, trustless manner. The platform’s emphasis on transparency and security aligns with the fundamental tenets of the DeFi space, catering to a growing demand for innovative financial solutions within the digital asset realm.

Furthermore, NFTfi’s commitment to fostering a robust and secure environment for NFT-backed transactions exemplifies its adherence to the principles of decentralized governance and open participation, core pillars of the DeFi philosophy. By allowing users to collateralize their NFTs and access capital through a transparent and efficient process, NFTfi contributes to the democratization of financial services, offering equal opportunities for all participants within the decentralized ecosystem.

The platform’s integration of blockchain technology and smart contracts further solidifies its classification within the broader DeFi landscape, highlighting its role as a disruptor in redefining the traditional paradigms of lending and borrowing. As NFTfi continues to advance and expand its offerings, its classification as a DeFi-driven NFT liquidity protocol underscores its pivotal position in shaping the future of decentralized finance and digital asset management.

Top 5 Projects NFTfi


NFTFi Review: Top 5 Projects To Keep An Eye On In 2024

OpenSea, a prominent marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has rapidly solidified its position as a leading platform for trading digital assets. Founded with the vision of empowering users to seamlessly list, trade, and exchange their NFTs through the utilization of blockchain-powered smart contracts, OpenSea has effectively reshaped the dynamics of the digital asset market.

The platform’s user-friendly interface and intuitive design have facilitated a thriving ecosystem, catering to a diverse array of NFT enthusiasts, creators, and collectors. OpenSea’s strategic emphasis on cultivating a robust liquidity pool, spanning both crypto and non-crypto domains, has significantly contributed to its widespread adoption within the digital asset community.

Key Features:

OpenSea’s comprehensive suite of features is tailored to accommodate the varying needs of its user base, fostering an inclusive and dynamic environment for NFT trading. Users can seamlessly engage in a multitude of activities, including:

  1. Buy/Sell NFTs: OpenSea’s intuitive marketplace enables users to effortlessly browse, buy, and sell a diverse range of NFTs, including digital art, collectibles, and virtual real estate, among others.
  2. Mint NFTs: The platform empowers creators to mint their unique NFTs, facilitating the seamless transformation of digital creations into valuable and tradable assets within the OpenSea marketplace.
  3. Create Collections and Add NFTs: Users can curate their personalized collections and showcase their NFT portfolios, providing a comprehensive overview of their digital asset holdings and facilitating seamless management within the platform.
  4. NFT Aggregator: OpenSea’s integrated NFT aggregator functionality allows users to explore a vast array of NFTs across various blockchain networks, streamlining the process of discovering and acquiring desired digital assets.

Highlights of OpenSea:

The platform’s robust architecture is characterized by several defining highlights, reinforcing OpenSea’s position as a preferred marketplace for NFT enthusiasts and investors:

  1. Decentralized Transactions: OpenSea’s utilization of smart contracts ensures that all transactions are executed in a decentralized manner, eliminating the need for intermediary oversight and enhancing the overall security and transparency of the platform.
  2. Enhanced Asset Security: OpenSea’s infrastructure prioritizes the security and ownership rights of its users, with all assets securely stored within users’ wallets, minimizing the risk of potential security breaches or unauthorized access.
  3. Full Ownership Rights: Users enjoy complete ownership rights over their purchased NFTs, empowering them to manage, trade, or transfer their digital assets freely within the OpenSea marketplace.
  4. Creative Freedom and Recognition: OpenSea’s inclusive platform fosters a vibrant community of creators, offering a dynamic space for showcasing and auctioning NFTs, thereby promoting creativity and facilitating recognition within the digital asset landscape.
  5. Low Transaction Fees: OpenSea’s commitment to facilitating unrestricted transactions is complemented by its reasonable fee structure, ensuring that users can engage in seamless and cost-effective NFT trading activities within the platform.

As OpenSea continues to innovate and expand its offerings, its commitment to empowering users within the NFT ecosystem remains unwavering, cementing its pivotal role in shaping the future of digital asset trading and management.

Blur ($BLUR)

NFTFi Review: Top 5 Projects To Keep An Eye On In 2024

Blur, an innovative NFT Marketplace Aggregator platform operating on the Ethereum blockchain, has emerged as a game-changer for professional traders seeking seamless access to the burgeoning world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Serving as a comprehensive aggregator, Blur integrates data from a diverse array of leading NFT exchanges, including OpenSea, LookRare, X2Y2, among others, empowering users to conveniently trade NFTs in one centralized location while ensuring the best prices and optimal trading conditions.

Key Features:

  1. NFT Marketplace: Blur’s intuitive marketplace provides users with a diverse selection of NFTs, ranging from digital art to collectibles and virtual real estate, facilitating streamlined buying and selling activities within a comprehensive and user-friendly interface.
  2. NFT Marketplace Aggregator: By aggregating data from various prominent NFT exchanges, Blur offers a centralized platform for users to access a wide array of NFT trading opportunities, enabling efficient decision-making and comprehensive market analysis.
  3. Blur Foundation: The platform’s dedication to community building and fostering a collaborative environment is exemplified through the Blur Foundation, which focuses on initiatives aimed at promoting NFT education, innovation, and sustainable growth within the digital asset landscape.
  4. Blur V2: The recent introduction of Blur V2 signifies a significant milestone for the platform, incorporating advanced features and enhanced functionalities to further elevate the trading experience for professional NFT traders.

Highlights of Blur:

  1. Fast Speed: Blur’s robust infrastructure and advanced technology ensure a seamless and expedient trading experience, minimizing latency and optimizing transaction speeds to meet the demands of professional traders.
  2. 0% Transaction Fee: Blur’s commitment to fostering a cost-effective trading environment is reflected in its zero transaction fee policy, allowing users to engage in NFT trading activities without incurring additional financial burdens or overhead costs.
  3. Advanced Trading Tools: Equipped with a comprehensive suite of advanced trading tools, Blur empowers users to make informed decisions and execute strategic trades, leveraging data insights, market analysis, and real-time information to maximize trading opportunities and optimize portfolio performance.
  4. Optimized Interface: Blur’s user-centric interface is meticulously designed to prioritize user experience, ensuring intuitive navigation and seamless interaction within the platform, thereby fostering a dynamic and engaging trading environment.
  5. NFT Royalties: Recognizing the importance of NFT royalties for creators, Blur facilitates the transparent and seamless distribution of royalties, enabling creators to benefit from their contributions to the NFT ecosystem while promoting a sustainable and equitable environment for artists and content creators.

As Blur continues to redefine the landscape of NFT trading and aggregation, its commitment to innovation, user empowerment, and community development solidifies its position as a trailblazer in the realm of professional NFT trading, promising a dynamic and inclusive future for the broader digital asset ecosystem.


NFTFi Review: Top 5 Projects To Keep An Eye On In 2024

BenDAO has emerged as a trailblazing liquidity protocol for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), introducing a groundbreaking platform that facilitates instant NFT-backed loans, collateralized asset listings, and partial pre-purchases of NFTs. By incorporating these innovative features, BenDAO effectively fosters heightened liquidity within the NFT trading landscape, offering a comprehensive solution for users seeking efficient and seamless NFT-based financial services.

Key Features:

  1. Liquidity: BenDAO’s robust liquidity infrastructure serves as a cornerstone for the platform’s comprehensive suite of financial services, empowering users to leverage their NFT holdings and digital assets to access immediate capital and liquidity.
  2. Yield: The platform’s yield-generating mechanisms enable users to maximize their returns and optimize their asset performance, fostering a dynamic and engaging environment for users to explore diverse investment opportunities within the NFT ecosystem.
  3. Auction: BenDAO’s integrated auction functionality provides users with a transparent and efficient marketplace for buying and selling NFTs, promoting fair and equitable transactions while facilitating a vibrant and dynamic NFT trading community.
  4. Ape Staking: BenDAO’s Ape staking feature enables users to participate in staking activities, earning rewards and incentives through active engagement within the platform, further enhancing the overall value proposition and user experience.
  5. Bend Tools: BenDAO’s Bend tools offer users a comprehensive suite of tools and resources designed to streamline and enhance the overall trading experience, providing users with the necessary insights and functionalities to make informed decisions and strategic investments.

Highlights of BenDAO:

  1. NFT-backed Loan: BenDAO’s pioneering NFT-backed loan feature empowers users to collateralize their NFT assets, unlocking immediate capital and liquidity without the need for traditional financial intermediaries, thereby facilitating a streamlined and efficient borrowing process.
  2. Collateral Listing: By supporting collateralized asset listings, BenDAO provides users with a secure and transparent platform to list and trade NFT assets, promoting a robust and dynamic marketplace for NFT enthusiasts, collectors, and investors.
  3. Down Payment: BenDAO’s innovative down payment functionality enables users to partially pre-purchase NFTs, facilitating an accessible and inclusive approach to NFT acquisition while diversifying the investment opportunities available within the platform.
  4. Liquidation Protection: Recognizing the importance of asset security and protection, BenDAO implements stringent measures to safeguard users’ assets and mitigate potential risks associated with market fluctuations and asset volatility, ensuring a secure and reliable trading environment for all participants.

As BenDAO continues to redefine the landscape of NFT-based liquidity and financial services, its commitment to innovation, security, and user empowerment solidifies its position as a pioneering force within the rapidly evolving NFT ecosystem, promising a dynamic and inclusive future for the broader digital asset landscape.


image 930

NFTPerp introduces a revolutionary perpetual futures decentralized exchange (DEX) for NFTs, enabling users to engage in long and short positions based on the floor prices of blue-chip NFT collections with an adjustable leverage of up to 5x. The project’s dynamic platform facilitates a seamless trading experience while ensuring accessibility and flexibility for investors seeking diversified NFT-based investment opportunities.

Key Features:

NFTPerp’s comprehensive suite of features is designed to optimize the trading experience and empower users to make informed investment decisions. Key functionalities include the ability to engage in long or short NFT positions, leveraging a maximum adjustable leverage of 5x, a funding rate mechanism, and a minimal slippage rate of 0.5%. The platform also offers dynamic position sizing options, facilitating a user-centric approach to investment management within the NFT ecosystem. Additional features such as the Trollbox chat frame, position display frame, transaction history, and funding rate history enhance the overall user experience, fostering a dynamic and engaging trading environment.

Highlights of NFTPerp:

NFTPerp stands out for its commitment to delivering a seamless user experience, ensuring fast transaction speeds and low transaction costs on the Arbitrum network without compromising security. The integration of the vAMM (virtual automated market maker) protocol eliminates the need for external liquidity providers, ensuring a robust and sustainable liquidity pool for the platform. By integrating Oracle technology, NFTPerp provides users with real-time NFT prices, enabling informed decision-making and strategic investments. The platform’s emphasis on decentralization fosters an inclusive environment, empowering users to participate in NFTPerp from anywhere at any time. NFTPerp’s unique proposition of offering 5x leverage with blue-chip NFT collections allows investors to amplify their exposure to high-value NFT assets, thereby diversifying their investment portfolios and maximizing potential returns. Moreover, NFTPerp’s innovative investment model enables individuals to invest in NFTs with a minimal capital outlay, eliminating the barrier of entry for those seeking to enter the lucrative NFT market without direct ownership of NFT assets. As NFTPerp continues to redefine the landscape of NFT-based trading and investment, its commitment to innovation, accessibility, and user empowerment solidifies its position as a pioneering force within the dynamic and rapidly evolving NFT ecosystem.


NFTFi Review: Top 5 Projects To Keep An Eye On In 2024

Sudoswap, a decentralized automated market maker (AMM) platform operating on the Ethereum network, introduces a pioneering approach to NFT trading by enabling users to engage in buying or selling activities within liquidity pools. Embracing the AMM model, Sudoswap offers users an innovative platform for NFT transactions, redefining the dynamics of NFT trading through a decentralized and user-centric ecosystem.

Key Features:

Sudoswap’s comprehensive suite of features is designed to optimize the NFT trading experience and empower users to participate in a dynamic and inclusive marketplace. Key functionalities include the SudoAMM, a unique mechanism that facilitates the seamless creation and management of NFT liquidity pools, fostering a vibrant and robust trading environment for NFT enthusiasts and investors. Users can engage in streamlined buy and sell transactions for a diverse range of NFT assets, facilitating efficient and secure transactions within the Sudoswap ecosystem. The platform’s user-friendly interface enables users to effortlessly create their own pools, providing them with the flexibility to curate and manage NFT collections based on their specific preferences and investment goals. Additionally, Sudoswap’s integration of on-chain royalties ensures that creators receive their rightful compensation and recognition for their contributions to the NFT ecosystem, fostering a sustainable and equitable marketplace for artists and content creators.

Highlights of Sudoswap:

Sudoswap distinguishes itself through its innovative approach to NFT trading, offering users a host of distinctive benefits and advantages within the platform. The platform’s introduction of discounts for NFT trading serves as a unique value proposition, incentivizing users to participate actively in the marketplace while facilitating cost-effective and efficient NFT transactions. Sudoswap’s commitment to fostering a diverse range of pool types enhances the platform’s inclusivity, enabling users to access a comprehensive selection of NFT trading opportunities tailored to their specific interests and investment objectives. Moreover, Sudoswap provides users with multiple options to sell NFTs, offering a flexible and customizable approach to NFT sales that caters to the diverse needs and preferences of the user base.

As Sudoswap continues to redefine the landscape of NFT trading and liquidity provision, its commitment to innovation, accessibility, and user empowerment solidifies its position as a pioneering force within the dynamic and rapidly evolving NFT ecosystem. With its emphasis on user-centric design and inclusive marketplace features, Sudoswap promises a dynamic and engaging future for the broader NFT community, fostering an environment of creativity, collaboration, and sustainable growth within the digital asset landscape.

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