NEAR Foundation Rejects $11.2M USN Redemption, Sparks Crypto Controversy

Key Points:

  • NEAR Foundation’s refusal to honor 11.2M USN redemption commitment sparks crypto dispute.
  • Wintermute’s efforts yield over $11M for FTX creditors, but NEAR’s refusal causes setback.
NEAR Foundation has sparked controversy by declining to honor an 11.2 million USN redemption commitment tied to FTX.
NEAR Foundation Rejects $11.2M USN Redemption, Sparks Crypto Controversy

Wintermute, which had been working closely with the FTX bankruptcy estate since earlier this year, revealed that it had facilitated the liquidation of assets, generating over $11 million for FTX creditors. The transaction was executed with the understanding that USN could be redeemed for USDT at a 1-to-1 ratio. Wintermute’s confidence in this exchange was bolstered by public statements from the NEAR Foundation, as well as assurance from Aurora in private conversations, confirming the feasibility of the redemption process within a few days.

Wintermute’s Efforts and NEAR’s Refusal: The Crypto Standoff Unraveled

NEAR Foundation Rejects $11.2M USN Redemption, Sparks Crypto Controversy

Wintermute’s efforts and submission of the redemption, the NEAR Foundation refused to honor its commitments, leaving Wintermute without the anticipated USDT for the USN transferred in August. After a prolonged wait of 2.5 months, the final offer presented by the NEAR Foundation amounted to a mere 20% of the sum in question, leaving Wintermute disheartened.

Wintermute attempted to propose an alternative solution that would contribute value to the NEAR ecosystem. This proposal involved Wintermute accepting a major portion of the owed sum as an investment in locked $NEAR tokens and a commitment to integrate into the ecosystem. However, the NEAR Foundation has not shown a willingness to explore these potential solutions.

The incident has raised concerns within the crypto community, highlighting the challenges and complexities associated with redemption commitments and the implications for investor trust and market stability. As the situation unfolds, stakeholders are monitoring the evolving dynamics between the parties involved and the potential impact on the broader digital asset landscape.

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